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12 Interesting Facts About Breast Augmentation

More commonly known as boob job, breast augmentation surgery aims to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. Majority of cases, women are looking to increase their breast size done through either fat transfer or breast implants. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, here are some interesting facts you should know about the procedure:

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1-There are a variety of cosmetic breast surgeries that can be performed such a breast lift and/or breast reduction, but the most popular procedure of them all is breast augmentation. From 1997 to 2014, the number of women who decided to undergo breast augmentation tripled.

2-Breast augmentation is not just about making your breasts bigger. Yes, it is true that a lot of women are only interested in this procedure because they want to increase the size of their chest. However, there are also other reasons for women considering getting implants. Some women opt for breast surgery to correct any birth deformities they may have an others may choose to undergo this procedure for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

3-Your first breast augmentation is not usually the last. Approximately 25 percent of women with implants have to undergo the procedure again after 10+ years. In some rare cases the implant may rupture or the breast shape becomes warped when a ‘scar shell’ develops around it, which will require the breast implant to be replaced. Pregnancy, weight loss or simply a change of size/shape preference are among the more common factors to which women choose to undergo surgery again.

4-Breast Implants generally look like real breasts, however, depending on the amount of breast tissue you have they may not feel the same as real breasts. For instance, if you have minimal breast tissue your breasts will feel and look more augmented as there is less breast tissue surrounding the implants. If you have more breast tissue, your breasts can look and feel more natural.

5-During your consultation you will try out different sizes before you choose one. There are ‘sizers’ available, which is a sample breast implant, this will be placed into the bra to give you an idea of the size increase you want. This will ensure you are happy with the size before your surgery and ensure it is in proportion with the rest of your body.

6-It is not possible for you to go from very small to huge in just one surgery. As advised by industry experts Cosmeditour, it would be unreasonable to expect this kind of transition for safety reasons and to avoid likely complications associated with going too big too soon. It is not always possible to achieve a DD cup from a small A cup and you need to be realistic when setting your goals. Your skin and your body requires time for adjusting to the drastic changes you are already making. Therefore, most surgeons will recommend that you only go up a couple of sizes initially and then gradually increase the size of the implant in a few years or so.

7-In most cases, women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery are able to breastfeed without complications. However, this cannot always be guaranteed. The small percentage of women who come across breastfeeding complications can be related to the breast implant incision location. If the implant was inserted via the nipple, this will have likely involved the surgeon severing the milk ducts which will affect breastfeeding. Additionally, those who require a breast lift will experience difficulty breastfeeding. It is recommended that you wait until having children before undergoing breast surgery with a lift.

8-Breast augmentation may cause you to lose feeling in your nipples. When you undergo breast surgery, there is a chance that you will not experience any sensation in your nipples either temporarily or in some cases permanently. This can depend on a large number of factors ranging from surgery type as well as the shape of your breasts. Nonetheless, you should also know that just because you lose sensation doesn’t mean that they will not respond to stimulation; they will still get hard if its cold, but you just won’t be able to feel it.

9-You will not be considered as a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure if you are obese, have a habit of smoking or a strong family history of breast cancer. This is due to the increased risks and complications inherent in breast augmentation which will affect your recovery and surgery results. Women who are suffering from any significant medical issues will first have to be evaluated by a doctor and cleared before they are deemed eligible for the surgery.

10-There are two types of breast implants available, they are either silicone or saline filled implants. In 2016, 84 percent of the implants that were used were made from silicone, this is the prefered implant for more Plastic Surgeons as it is more modern. There are pros and cons of both options. Silicone are more popular because they feel and look more realistic, but their gel-like consistency makes it difficult for you to detect if it has ruptured. On the other hand, with saline implants you will immediately notice ripples in some areas of your breast because they have a water-like filling and will alert you in case of a leak as their size will start reducing.

11-Your posture will be affected after the breast augmentation procedure just like your natural breasts. The weight difference between equal volumes of silicone, saline and breast tissue is minimal or zero, which means that the weight of an augmented C cup and a natural C cup is similar. If the size of implant you have chosen is proportional to your frame, your posture will not be affected by much. But, choosing larger implants will definitely have an impact and women usually complain of backache due to this.

12-The recovery period for breast augmentation is typically a week. Women cannot participate in any strenuous activity for at least three to six weeks until their surgeon gives them permission. Depending on your work duties it is safe to return to non strenuous work duties 5-7 days post surgery.

It is strongly advised that you thoroughly research and understand the process and procedure before opting for breast augmentation surgery.

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