Jen is neither fish nor toaster, but she still likes to swim and sizzle. She has freckles that turn green in the sun, and was once (for about ten years) called, "Four eyes!" She spends most of her time in her own head, a malady the result of brut...
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    • jenwithapen

      “Christian Grey would also be a terrible businessman IRL, because independent regional publishing houses are hardly a reliable growth industry.” Okay, you’re funny. I like you! [This made me LOL, and I _rarely_ LOL ;D] “E.L. James doesn’t even bother with niceties like conflict, instead treating its short bursts of story like something to be endured between the brooding, wealth-gawking, and BDSM-inflected boot-knocking.” Okay, now I _really_ like you! We could be great friends! ;D “Christian comes across as a middle schooler’s idea of what a successful businessman would be like, and Anastasia’s naiveté verges on vaudeville.” HAH! THIS! THISTHISTHIS! “…formerly untouched ingenue winning over a domineering rake could be right out of a dusty Regency romance.” I guess it had to happen eventually, right? Harlequin Romance makes good?! ;D “…rooted in gender expectations that women have fought to get away from for decades,” and “It is, for all of its flaws, a reminder that what women can find sexy doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on what they find empowering.” Well put, and I thought the same thing when I read EL James’ work in its original incarnation on livejournal. It was hideous, and it has changed quite a bit, but so many of us were appalled. It’s just like starring an alien in the face. You don’t recognize yourself, but you’re both breathing the air, so there’s a commonality. It’s just not… connective. Or, as you so aptly said, empowering. You have such great insight. “The film gets its high by taking deep hits off some of the more toxic aspects of stereotypical masculinity (jealously, extreme protectiveness, emotional remove) while attempting to leave the real-world implications behind.” Exactly! I’m really loving the way they’re setting things up for Big Little… I’ve not read the books, so I’m excited. I can already tell they’re going to handle this subject matter so much better than James’ “titillating” landscape. There’s that bite of reality (I love your chocolate metaphor!) to it. I’m hoping even more than a bite. Like a whole damn mouthful. Living with someone who is physically abusive is bad enough, but living with someone who is also mentally and emotionally abusive (controlling, demanding, expecting performance) is one of the hardest things you’ll ever learn to live with. It crushes you. It’d be nice to see a story portray that with more reality than dreamy fantasy. You know, when I think of James (if something on the internet FORCES me to think of James ;D), I think of two things. The first was that shit-show of a Twitter Ask Me her publishers thought she could handle. Oh Lord. HILARIOUS! ( The second is from Cliff Pervocracy. I quote: “So here’s the thing: a whole bunch of my coworkers read those books, and I talked about my issues with the series (in somewhat discreet fashion), and every single one of them said “but she signed a contract and it’s BDSM so it’s consensual!” No one said “sure she doesn’t want it, but this is fantasy!” I don’t have a problem with non consent fantasy; I have a problem with non consent fantasy that is repeatedly mislabeled, both outside and inside the story, as being consensual. I like horror movies. I have no problem watching a movie about a man who attacks people with a chainsaw. It gets my adrenaline up, it’s a compelling fantasy, I know nobody’s really getting hurt. But. Fifty Shades of Grey makes me feel like I’m watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… except the title has been changed to The Helpful Woodsman and when I come out of the theater everyone is happily chatting about that nice sweet man who kept offering to let his neighbors borrow his chainsaw.” One of the best LOLs I’ve ever had. All very consensual! What a helpful woodsman! ;3  This was an enjoyable read! Haters can suck it! You be well! =D

    • jenwithapen

      Sadly, I’m in agreement with Kayla on this. I don’t like a single one of those rooms. Maybe these indicate your clients’ tastes, but honestly each room comes across as overly done, overly busy, and screaming “trying too hard.”  The only room I even remotely like is the one with the purple lamp shade (mauve or whatever it is), but then you go and add tiger stripe (because god knows a room isn’t a room unless it has some kind of animal print in it =P) and those CHAIRS look so UNCOMFORTABLE. I have this issue with a lot of designers. The items they buy are just so impractical. Interesting, sure. Structural pieces, possibly. But livable? No. Anyway, considering the fact that my husband and I have polar opposite tastes and are just now building our own home, what we’ve found is that we have to canvas catalogs, book, home shows, any resource we can get our hands on to find something we _both_ enjoy. It happens, it just takes time. In truth, I think that kind of collaboration makes for great spaces with designs that function for both sexes.

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