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    • jent12

      Basically, this author whined and mewed until somebody agreed. He was and isapathetic jerk who thinks he knows it all. Harry Potter is nothing butafive year old’s fantasy? Okay. *snicker* “Twilight” was brought about by Generation x? Really? You moron, Genxwas MY generation. We were MUCH cooler than you. We didn’t haveagoddamned THING to do with “Twilight”. If you want to believe you belong amongst us,Ifeel very sorry for you. You DO NOT. You do not DESERVE to live in our wheelhouse. Grow up. Read the books you think are SO terrible before you condemn them.Iknow very well that you haven’t read more than half the books you are bitching about. Get over yourself. You are NOT as smart as you seem to think you are. If you want to challenge me, go for it. :) Have fun!

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