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What Will It Take?

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What will it take for some people to see that we need some sort of gun reform? One of your kids getting murdered? Your nieces or nephews? Someone you love dearly? It's not a matter of if it will happen, it's almost becoming a matter of when at this point.

Do I think a person who has been on a terrorist watch list should be able to buy a gun? No. Right now that is completely legal and that is absurd.

Do I support banning all guns? Absolutely not.

Do I think getting rid of a weapon that has the capability of killing a mass amount of people in minutes would be beneficial to our safety? Yes I do.

Ask yourself, if this individual was only able to buy a hand gun or a standard rifle, would he have been able to kill all those people in the short time he did? The logical answer is no. He would have had to reload numerous times, giving someone an open window to possibly stop him. Who knows how many of those 49 people would still be here.

And yes it's certainly not going to fix the problem. I've heard countless times over the last few days "people will find a way to get their hands on those guns" and you're right. But just maybe if it's harder, illegal even, to purchase one of those weapons we will see a decrease in the senseless mass shootings in our country. Just maybe, the government will be able to zero in on the people who are acquiring these weapons to do harm. It's worth it to try. We have to do something about this. We have to.

Getting rid of assault weapons certainly wouldn't hurt anyone more than they already do.

Visit to do something.

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