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    • JENSD

      For me, I have to say no one’s sexual preference is my business. Right or wrong I guess the only way anyone of us will ever really know is after we die. Or maybe not even then. Maybe we all just need to accept each other no matter what and try to get along. I do have to say, if one of my kids or grandkids came to me and said he/she is gay, it would just not really matter to me. they are my child and I love them and accept them no matter what. Part of being a good and loving parent is accepting your kids and helping them and just being there for them. As far as being gay, well I would not like to see two gay people making out on the street, but I would not like to see two straight people making out on the street either. I think what goes on in someone’s private bed is their business not mine. My wish for all of you is love and much happiness and good health. everyone take care of yourselves and live well. :)

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