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    Jan 26, 2017

    We Tried Fake Eyelashes For A Day And Things Got Heavy

    "We have to pick a skill and get good at it."

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    Putting on fake eyelashes takes true talent. The precision is so key to making sure it looks natural. So with some inspo from Ladylike's Instagram makeup video, Devin and Jen decided to see if they have what it takes to wear fake eyelashes for an entire day:

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    Both agreed that since the other Ladylike girls were so good at Instagram makeup, they needed to find their own talent.

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    And after they applied their lashes (rather quickly), it was time to go about their day.

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    The other ladies thought Jen and Devin did a great job...

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    …and some people didn’t even notice the difference ‘cause it looked so natural.

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    By the end of the day, taking off the fake eyelashes felt better than any compliment, though.

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    But it's safe to say they'd definitely do fake eyelashes again.

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