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We Tested Four Different Mascaras To See Which One Lasts The Longest

"It performed about as well as an 18-year-old college boy."

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TBH, mascara can be a woman's best friend or worst nightmare. It's always a gamble buying mascara, because you never know what it will look like after a few hours. The women of Ladylike decided to put the most popular brands to the ULTIMATE test.

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EVENT NUMBER TWO: Cry like there's no tomorrow. Because we aren't ~award-winning~ actresses and can't cry on command, we decided to cut some onions... We might have forgotten the pain this would also cause...


This round belonged to Freddie. Those lashes STILL looked flawless after some crying. Candace and Safiya experienced some smudging, while Kristin, well, Kristin's mascara really screwed her over again.

With another win under her belt, Freddie swooped in to take the competition with "Better Than Sex." Safiya's "Diorshow" was a close second, Candace's "Miss Manga" landed a bronze, and Kristin's "Bombshell" lost the fight.

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