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We Had Three Women Learn To Skateboard For 30 Days And It Was Inspiring AF

"I came a lot farther than I ever thought I would."

Every girl wants to feel badass in their own way, and that came in the form of being a profesh skateboarder for some of the women of Ladylike. We skateboarded for 30 days straight and this is what happened:

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Before getting started, each lady had a specific goal in mind. Freddie wanted to fall with styles, Chantel wanted to be fearless AF, and Jen just wanted to see baby Jen's dreams come true.

After picking out their boards, the ladies were ready for their first lesson aka clinging onto their instructor for dear life.

HOWEVER, CHANTEL DREW BLOOD. It was the first cut of the process.

By day five, the ladies were actually getting the hang of it.

Go, Jen, go!

By the end of the first two weeks, Chantel felt really proud of herself and pretty damn badass,

Week three brought about THE SHRED POSSE, a group of female skaters ready to shred at the skate park.

With day 30 creeping up on them, the ladies started feeling incredibly proud, as they should.

Feeling inspired yet?