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We Fostered Dogs And Here's What Happened

"I've never had a dog. I don't know much about them."

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There are a lot of rescue dogs out there that need love and attention. So the Ladylike women decided to partner with an LA-based non-profit rescue organization, Dogs Without Borders, to foster dogs until they got adopted and the ladies learned a lot about adulthood:

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The organization provided food, medical supplies, and any type of equipment (toys, beds, etc) that the dogs needed. The ladies provided a lot of love and affection.


Chantel grew up with dogs but never owned one. She once had a baby duck for eight weeks, which counts for something.

And Devin already had two cats and fish with a huge maternal instinct, so she was super excited for the new addition to her family.

Unlike Chantel and Fred, Devin was hoping that she would adopt her dog at the end of the video. She had already met the dog she would be fostering, a year-and-a-half old pup named, Atticus AKA Dino.


On the first day, Earl gave Fred a run for her money. He literally ran out of her apartment and she had to chase after him.


But by the middle of the week, Devin noticed that Freddie's dog, Earl, had a few tics. It made Freddie feel a little discouraged, due to the fact that in the past she's had other animals with health issues.

By the end of the two weeks, the ladies had a better understanding of what it meant to be a dog owner. Chantel wasn't ready for the commitment, but couldn't ignore the bond she had with Frank. She decided to see if her parents would be open to adopting him since they already had a dog named, Linda.

Devin realized that owning a dog was a lot more challenging than she expected it to be. Her and her boyfriend, Pat, decided that they would foster Dino until he found a loving home.

Freddie also decided not to adopt Earl. She wanted him to be with a family that had a yard, but was excited to spend more time with him until he found his perfect home.


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