East Asians Tested Eyelid Shaping Products And Didn't Recognize Themselves

    "This is like A Clockwork Orange."

    In East Asian countries, eyelid-lifting products that allow eyes to appear larger are very popular. We decided to try a few of them out.

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    One participant summed up his eyelids like this:

    First, we tried the Eyelid Trainer.

    With repeated use, they're supposed to permanently change your face.

    For strange results!

    Next product! Eyelid Tape(?!).

    "If I don't go blind, this will be a success."

    The reference from A Clockwork Orange is a little too similar.

    Finally, a product that seems like a good idea...GLUE FOR YOUR EYES?!?!?

    I dunno, this seems like it's a little much.

    But, worth it for the results, right?

    Three bizarre, fairly invasive options. Yikes!