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Klondike Pack the Car Challenge

Klondike launched the summer long Everyman Challenges contest to celebrate various everyday accomplishments guys across the country often achieve this time of year, but rarely receive recognition for. Put simply, Klondike is giving credit where its due. Why? Because every once in a while the everyman deserves a hearty pat on the back...or the chance to win a new SUV, killer entertainment center, or even a fully loaded game room. By demonstrating their skills on camera any of three Challenges throughout the summer, including Pack the Car, Grab the Remote and Ball Toss, ice cream lovers can get their hands on any of the above-mentioned prizes. Men all over the country are invited to showcase their own video renditions of their awesome feats in these categories to Funny guy Adam Carolla will help to pick the winning submissions and had a little fun by creating his own video take.

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