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Reasons Why Utica Is A Weird Place To Live

Utica, NY is a very bizarre place to experience and these meme's have been collected over time on the Facebook page People Of Utica.

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1. The city's shopping cart antics are out of control.

People Of Utica

2. Utica has it's own Cat Woman.

People of Utica

3. The Arby's in South Utica is legendary for it's snazzy signs....

People of Utica

4. Scooters are a logic here.

People of Utica
People Of Utica

5. The city has original Halloween Candy.

People Of Utica

6. Broke on Valentines, don't worry, EBT has you covered!

People Of Utica

7. Utica's lack of repairs to the roads has become a source of entertainment.

9. The teens are pretty active early on.

10. It's not uncommon to see a shopping cart grill.

11. Utica's very own Barbie

12. Summer is a scary time.

13. Not even Super Man can help Utica....

14. It's not uncommon to see hair weave in random locations.

15. The Utica Wine opener is "Screwed."

16. You'll never forget this local legend Rainbow Young.

Rainbow's so bad ass, he get's to play with the band Floodwood.
People of Utica

Rainbow's so bad ass, he get's to play with the band Floodwood.

17. Utican's are master inventors when it come to heating systems.

18. When you leave, don't forget to turn out the lights.

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