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Women Try Their Old Catholic School Uniforms And They're Still Fabulous

"This might just ruin everybody’s fantasy about Catholic school uniforms."

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These four ladies brought it back to the good old days, wiped the dust off of their old Catholic uniforms and tried them on. Check out how they looked:

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They all came in with the same opinion about how the rest of the world feels about uniforms.

Some were a little hesitant about the whole ordeal, but found humor in it.

Others were extremely confident.

Good for you girl! I can't even fit a toe in mine.

Finally, after some tucking in and wiggling, all of the ladies were able to put on their uniforms. Some realized that even back then, they were slightly inappropriate.

Others were shocked that it still fit.

Others taught us how to beat the system.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Overall, it seems like these ladies had a great time going down memory lane.

Some realized that having a uniform made them feel cute.


Others realized they're still fabulous after all these years.

Own it girl!

While others could laugh about how much they actually loved wearing a uniform even if they thought it was silly.

At the end of the day, all these ladies looked great!