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    Posted on Nov 21, 2015

    This Video Perfectly Describes What It's Like Being Single And Home For The Holidays

    "Are you ready to confront las tías?"

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    The best part of the holidays is your family coming together. However, if you're single, family coming together = family asking you about your relationship status.

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    When you get home, you'll be filled with dread...


    ...Because everywhere you look, people are coupled-up.


    And it's just a matter of time before you run into that one relative... you know the one who ALWAYS wants to know about your love life.


    (Spoiler alert: it's probably an aunt).

    Even your cousins will move over to the dark side.


    And you'll try your best not to vom at their PDA.


    (It won't be easy).

    Just remember: No matter how much wine you drink... it can't protect you.


    ~Happy Holidays.~