This Is What Happens When Your Abuela Tries To Speak English

“Por lo menos en Güendis tienen papas.”

1. There’s no denying that abuela knows best, but when it comes to saying commonly used English phrases…sometimes she has her own interpretation of certain words.

2. For starters, Subway (the popular sandwich shop) turns into “Sobwei.”

3. Facebook (which she totally doesn’t understand) becomes “Feibu” to abuela.

4. And who wants a delicious burger from Güendis?

5. If you’re feeling sick, abuela can hook you up with some vivaporu.

6. Want to know where abuela gets her kick-ass threads? Check Keimal.

7. But at the end of the day, even if she doesn’t say certain things the ~mainstream~ way, abuela still knows best.

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