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If People Acted Like Telenovela Stars

"¡Escuincla babosa!"

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If you grew up in a Latino household, you more than likely watched a telenovela or twenty. I mean, who could turn away from watching people fall down the stairs?

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If life were like a telenovela...

You could smack the ever-loving shit out of your enemies, ANY TIME. ANY WHERE.


Things would get pretty heated out of nowhere.

You could have spontaneous monologues with yourself in the bathroom.

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You could have an all out CACHETADA BATTLE in the middle of a very important company meeting.

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"Let's agree to disagree—NOT!"

You can flirt with your new co-worker LIKE DIS:

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You can secretly poison the people you don't like.

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Romantic triangles would be settled...

BuzzFeed Video a very ~manly~...

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...winner take all...

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...battle to the death.

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And finally, instead of using Facebook, this is how you would make a pregnancy announcement.

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