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    If Disney Films Were Like Telenovelas

    "Espejo, espejo en la pared. A quien deseo joder?"

    Ever wondered what it would be like if iconic Disney films were actually telenovelas?

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    Pero Like / Via

    Lady and the Tramp would look steamier than a love scene between Fernando Colunga and Thalía:

    The Evil Queen from Snow White would be more evil than Soraya Montenegro (if that's even possible).

    In The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Ursula would throw down at the wedding a la Teresa.

    Maleficent would be pissed about not getting invited to Aurora's baptism, like Catalina Creel in Cuna de Lobos.

    Real talk: Mufasa's death played out EXACTLY like a telenovela.

    And finally, Cinderella would ACTUALLY fight back against her malvada step-sisters.