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The Six Phases Of Coming Out As A Reader Of Romance Novels

Before you know it, you'll be standing in line at cons asking Fabio to sign a body part.

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Step 1: Hiding.

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What? This book I’m reading on the subway with my bag obscuring the cover? Totally not a romance novel.

Step 2: Admitting that you read Fifty Shades of Grey.

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But the writing was totally terrible.

Step 3: Admitting that maybe you might have read one or two romance novels that aren’t Fifty Shades of Grey / Via

But only on vacation. And at home. And at work. And in transit.

Step 4: Posing with Fabio at cons.

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Congratulations, you are out.

Step 5: Radical activism.

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Romance novels are marginalized by the misogynistic mainstream literary establishment because they are, for the most part, written by women and read by women. Men who write about families and relationships are “contemporary novelists.” Women who do get pink covers slapped on their books are “romance novelists.” Eff the patriarchy.

Step 6: You have zero fucks to give.

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Life is short. Be who you are. Read what makes you happy.

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