professional hugger and donut eater unprofessional parallel parker
    • j3nny

      Had To Be productions came to my college and put on their documentary theatrical play “Into The Fire” which depicts the stories of military veterans with PTSD here is the link to the story I wrote for my school paper http://www.thenorcovoice.com/2014/05/you-thought-it-was-your-secret/
      hearing their stories and reading this story and the veterans confessions have broken my heart and made me so angry they above anyone else should never feel cast aside or alone, companies should roll out the red carpets and beg our veterans to work for their company it is a shame that illegal immigrants can get a job but our veterans are struggling, people are lacking in getting a real education on PTSD and labeling it as something its not, always make the time to correct the ignorant and thank our troops and veterans

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