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    Valentine's Day As Told By Electronic Dance Music

    Because these songs describe the holiday better than I ever could have.

    The "Relationship Goals" Couple / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Invincible" by Borgeous

    We all know one of these couples. They have been together for years. You see their #MCM and #WCW posts on Instagram and there is no doubt in your mind they are eventually going to get married. While their love for each other tends to nauseate you, you can't help but feel happy for this couple.

    The Valentine's Day Haters / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "I.D.G.A.F.O.S" by Dillon Francis

    If it were up to these people, the seasonal aisles in Walmart's across the country would go up in flames. I'm not sure if these people had a bad break up or their elementary school classmates always "forgot" their Valentine's Day cards at home, but stay clear of these people on February 14th. It's only 24 hours Valentine's Day haters! You'll get through it! #ForeverAlone

    When Friends with Benefits Try to Make it Work / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Wasted" by Tiesto (R3hab Remix)

    The idea always crosses one's mind when you're casually hooking up with somebody: "Could this lead to more?" Sometimes Valentine's Day forces these people into testing the waters of holding hands in public and real conversation. The fact of the matter is, sexual attraction can't foster a relationship and this date can get awkward REAL fast. So for all the FWB out there, knock back a few before you go out. It might ease the pain of having to talk to someone across a table as opposed to sharing a pillow.

    When the Girl says "Yes" to Being Your Valentine / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Ten Feet Tall" by Afrojack

    This dude is so elated right now, it's like he is on another planet. He has watched this girl from afar, nervously tried to speak to her in jittery broken English, and has finally gained the confidence to ask her out. Good for you, buddy!

    Tinder... / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "We Found Love" by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

    After countless left swipes, you have finally come across someone half way decent! They are attractive in their pictures, their bio is relatively witty, and you can sense their morally casual attitude radiating off your Smartphone. RIGHT SWIPE... It's a match! Don't be afraid to ask your Tinderfella/Tinderella out on Valentine's Day! You might end up having a great time or come home with a Catfish story. Take a chance!

    The Overindulgent Valentine's Day Chocolate Eater / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Cookies with a Smile" by Dada Life

    Either these people were given a lot of sweets from their significant other or they went and bought out the CVS seasonal aisle for personal reasons. Regardless of who purchased what, these people are going at this chocolate like a ravenous wolf and loving every second of it. (Note to Self: Invest in Hershey stock before Valentine's Day...)

    The People Who Write Story Length Social Media Posts About Their Significant Other / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Express Yourself" by Diplo

    As you scroll through your social media on Valentine's Day, you will see these people. These are the people who find the need to profess their love through loquacious statuses to prove to the world how much they care about their significant other. Not sure whether this stems from insecurity or just an overwhelming feeling of love, but brace yourself Facebook.

    The Reunited Long Distance Couple / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Alive" by Krewella

    After months of sustaining a relationship through phone calls, texting, Snapchat, Skype, and Whatsapp (for the brave International long distance relationships), you are finally back in your loved one's arms to celebrate the holiday of love! Enjoy every second of your time together! I tip my hat to you for your loyalty and commitment. Also, I'm sure your Frequent Flyer accounts are stacked, throw some miles my way...

    The People Who Go Searching For Love at the Local Bar / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Take Me Home" by Cash Cash

    There is nothing wrong with wanting some companionship on Valentine's Day. So what if you didn't get asked out on a date, you always have your local bartender! Best part about your local bar on Valentine's Day is it is filled with single people who are looking to have a good time. Go have fun, take some shots, flirt a little, and you never know if you will get lucky!

    When Couples Fight on Valentine's Day / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Slam the Door" by Zedd

    There is nothing more scary than a pissed off girl on Valentine's Day. Whether it be from receiving the wrong kind of flowers or a mess up on a reservation, this couple is yelling at each other at such a high decibel, it can be heard from Mars.

    The Unfortunate & Ironic Valentine's Day Break-Up's / Via Soundcloud

    Song: "Game Over" by the Futuristic Polar Bears

    Valentine's Day doesn't end well for some couples. High expectations of your significant other might not have been met or maybe you found out you just truly aren't meant to be together There is a silver lining though... You're single now! Go have some fun and make some bad decisions. Congrats on your newfound freedom!