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What It's Like To Go To UNC, As Told By Roy Williams

Soulja Roy, tell 'em.

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Getting your UNC acceptance letter

UNC Athletics / Via

Seeing your new crew in the Pit

UNC Athletics / Via

Seeing the line to drink from the Old Well on the first day

UNC Athletics / Via

How badly do you want that 4.0

Pulling an all-nighter in the UL

UNC Athletics / Via

And passing your exam the next day

UNC Athletics / Via

Making eye contact with someone who tripped on a campus brick

UNC Athletics / Via

Happens (often) to the best of us

Rushing Franklin Street

Meet you guys there

Wondering where Dook went

Getting new Carolina swag

Hearing Michael Jordan say, "The ceiling is the roof."

UNC Athletics / Via

Congrats on the natty! You raised the ceiling to the roof!

Realizing your Tar Heel fam will always have your back

UNC Athletics / Via
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