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Summer Activities For NYC Teens!

Check out our list of fun and beneficial summer activities for teens!

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Get Involved at Your Local YMCA

New York City's YMCA

Find your local YMCA in the Bronx or Harlem if you are interested in getting involved with sports - including dance, swimming, and martial arts, educational activities - including STEM trainings, SAT prep, and tutoring and, leadership opportunities - including a global leadership program.

Have Fun with Your Local Police Athletic League

DNAinfo New York

Find your local Police Athletic League in the Bronx or Harlem for opportunities to play sports, participate in fun activities, get college prep or workforce development help, or receive mentoring. The Police Athletic League also hosts fun activities around the city, such as PLAYSTREETS, or areas around the city where you can have safe fun playing in the streets.

Check Out Your Local Boys & Girls Club

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club

Don't let the name fool you - Boys and Girls Clubs are also for young women and men! Your local Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx or Harlem offers fun activities such as a variety of sports, arts and crafts, mentoring, college prep, leadership training, digital literacy, music, and much more!

Take a Free SAT (or ACT) Prep Course

US News & World Report

Comprehensive Development Inc. and Learning Leaders have put together two amazing lists of free or discounted SAT prep courses in NYC. You can also reach out to your BridgeUP fellow if you need assistance taking a prep course or the PSATs.

Find a Job

Finding a job as a teen can seem difficult, but try teaching out to your teachers, BridgeUP fellows, neighbors, and even local restaurants to see if they are hiring or if they know someone who is. You can also look into being a Counselor in Training at a local summer camp, babysitting, becoming an apprentice, or dog walking!


Think of a cause that you like and reach out to local organizations to see if you can volunteer. You can work to pick up litter in your neighborhood, walk dogs or play with cats at an animal shelter, serve food at a food pantry, sort clothes at the Salvation Army, teach younger children how to read at the library, etc. Idealist is also a great resource for finding volunteer opportunities all across the Bronx and Harlem.

Coach or Teach Younger Kids

New York Cares

Do you have a sport or activity that you love to do? Volunteer or get a job teaching younger children. You may coach a sports team, teach another language, lead an arts and crafts activity, etc. Reach out to the people who taught you, organizations in your community, or your BridgeUP fellow to find opportunities to pay it forward!

Visit The Door

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

The Door is a center that offers many supportive, inclusive, educational, and fun opportunities and programs. They have games, workshops, fitness opportunities, leadership services, job prep, internships, cooking lessons, visual arts, music, dance, college prep, and tutoring. Their Bronx Youth Center has additional educational, employment, and recreational services as well as a law clinic.

NYC Parks and Recreation - Rec Centers

NYC Parks

Did you know, if you are under 18 you get free access to all of NYC's recreation centers! Find your local rec center to learn about their many programs, including arts and tech courses, indoor swimming pools, exercise equipment games rooms, gyms and indoor tracks, sports programs, leadership opportunities, etc.

Find a Center or Organization to Suit Your Interests

Do a simple Google search or reach out to your BridgeUP fellow if you want help finding a specific program, center, or organization that fits your specific interests. For example, Renaissance Youth Center offers a variety of music and arts programs as well as some Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programs, sports, tutoring, SAT prep, and a TV show. Another organization called The Point also offers music, photography, circus arts, t-shirt design, visual arts, arts journaling, theater, advocacy, a women's group, and leadership opportunities.

Get Creative with Art Classes


Many museums in the city have specific art events for teens. For example, The Whitney Museum hosts more open studios and other fun events for teens,

The Museum of Modern Art offers free studio art classes, and

The Studio Museum in Harlem has hands on art studios and gallery tour. While not a museum, the organization DreamYard has theater, poetry, dance, visual arts, photography, video, music and audio production, and fashion design.

Take a College Course

Want to get ahead? Try taking a summer college course. College Now partners with many SUNYs and CUNYs to offer free or discounted courses to high school students. Ask your BridgeUP fellow if you need help finding a course or applying.

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