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    18 Tips For Self Care For Teens

    Adapted from Ailbhe Malone’s post for BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative.

    Check out our expert 18 tips for self care for teens!

    1) Listen to relaxing sounds or white noise

    2) Instead of sounds, try relaxing with smells

    3) Meditate

    4) Make a collage of soothing photos

    5) Write/Journal

    6) Make a note of all the good you have done

    7) Take care of you skin

    8) Do a puzzle

    9) Try yoga

    10) Stretch

    11) Start thinking positively

    12) Read

    13) Play

    14) Do a craft

    15) Write some Six Word Memoirs

    16) Go outside

    17) Spend time with animals

    18) Create a list of things you love

    Have something else you do for self care? Let us know in the comments and we'll add to the list!