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    18 Tips For Self Care For Teens

    Adapted from Ailbhe Malone’s post for BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative.

    Check out our expert 18 tips for self care for teens!

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    1) Listen to relaxing sounds or white noise

    Download an app such as RainyMood, Relaxing Sounds, or Relax Melodies or search for music on Spotify such as Tibetan bowls, jungle noises, or ocean waves to relax and clear you mind.

    2) Instead of sounds, try relaxing with smells

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    You can often find affordable essential oils, candles, scented baths products, and pillow spray in a variety of relaxing scents such as lavender, lemon, and jasmine.

    3) Meditate


    Meditating looks different for everyone. You can simply go to a local park and watch the trees sway in the breeze or download a guided meditation app such as MindShift or Relax Lite.

    4) Make a collage of soothing photos

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    This could be an actual paper collage, a folder on your computer, an album on your phone, or even a private collection of photos on Instagram.

    5) Write/Journal

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    Use a diary, bullet journal, write for an online publication, or scribble some poetry on a spare napkin.

    6) Make a note of all the good you have done


    Write down compliments, accomplishments, good grades, and other things you are proud of. Review the list when you need to take a break and focus on self care.

    7) Take care of you skin

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    Putting lotion on or giving yourself a facial is a great way to relax and take care of your body.

    8) Do a puzzle

    Doing a puzzle can be extremely relaxing. If you do not have puzzle pieces, you can do other kinds of puzzles as well. It may seem old-school to do a paper puzzle such as a word search, Sudoku or cross word puzzle, but printing one and filling it out pencil and paper style can be relaxing as well.

    9) Try yoga

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    Download an app, such as 5 Minute Yoga or Daily Yoga, or check out these guides for simple yoga exercises.

    10) Stretch


    Download an app, such as Stretching Sworkit, look at this stretching guide, or check out this Youtube video guide for simple stretching exercises.

    11) Start thinking positively


    When you start to think of negative thoughts, take a step back and think of at least 3 positive things about yourself. If it helps, imagine what your best friend may say about you.

    12) Read

    Read a book, magazine, the back of the cereal box, or download an app such as wattpad for free and carefree reading material.

    13) Play

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    Be a kid again! Go to your local playground to play on the swings, play basketball, or buy some Play-Doh to create a masterpiece of your own!

    14) Do a craft

    Make a paper origami box, clothes line of inspiration, or collage/vision board to inspire you and feel relaxed.

    15) Write some Six Word Memoirs

    Not sure where to begin with self care? Start with Six Words!

    16) Go outside

    NYC Parks, Bronx Park

    Even in a big city such as NYC, being outside is vital for self care. Go for a walk, climb the rocks in your local park, or watch the water flow down the river. Being in nature can help you feel grounded and calm.

    17) Spend time with animals

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    Even if you do not have a pet, try volunteering at a local animal shelter or walking dogs as a part time job.

    18) Create a list of things you love

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    For this list, write down everything you love - including other people, things, activities, etc. If you have time, pick of of the things you write down and do it/talk to that person/etc.

    Have something else you do for self care? Let us know in the comments and we'll add to the list!

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