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What's The Best Thing You've Ever Bought Under $50?

Was it under $50 and it changed your life? We wanna know about it!

Hello fellow internet dweller, raise your hand if you've ever bought something online!

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lol, same!

Was it A) under $50? and B) THE BEST THING EVER?!

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Maybe you just bought a new liquid lipstick or any other beauty product you can't get enough of?

BuzzFeed, Amazon

Or ordered something like this desk shelf to give all your office knick knacks a stylish new home?

Jennifer Tonti

Or maybe you're obsessed with a sweater that just arrived in the mail and it's your new favorite thing to wear!


Or perhaps you finally got a kitchen product like the Crock Pot that has made stewing over your next meal a thing of the past!


Tell us about your favorite purchase under $50 and why you love it in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

Paramount Pictures / Via Giphy