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    39 Timeless Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe In 2019

    What year is it? Doesn't matter!

    1. A loose knit blouse with an adorable front knot you'll be able to throw on with your favorite pair of jeans and walk out the door in minutes.

    2. A pair of "these boots were made for walking" Doc Martens that'll mold to your feet so well you'll feel like you aren't wearing shoes at all. Don't worry, they'll still be there when you look down!

    3. A soft long-sleeve dress with a cowl neck so you can have that "effortlessly sophisticated" look while basically wearing pajamas.

    4. A short-sleeved graphic tee that'll be in style no matter what century you're in, because kindness is timeless.

    5. A loose-fitting striped long-sleeve tee great for layering up your outfits.

    6. A padded Puma puffer coat because you're going to live through quite a few winters, you're gonna want to be prepared.

    7. A classic and beautifully striped pencil dress for going to school, work, or out to dinner. Versatility is key!

    8. A loose pullover knit sweater to make you look like you're doing the most when you're actually doing (and spending) the least.

    9. A casual colorblock t-shirt so you don't have to put too much thought into your outfit on your way out the door to class. Make your own uniform!

    10. A simple yet nessesary tank top that'll come in handy for years and years. Add this to the top of your to-buy list.

    11. A pair of high-waist yoga pants with a hidden pocket for your phone/wallet/keys so you can go for a run without having to hold all your stuff.

    12. A stunning caftan maxi dress that'll be your go-to basic when you're looking to WOW the room. I mean just look at these stunning outfits!

    13. A cropped, short sleeve tee with a soft and stretchy ribbed design that'll be as comfortable as it is stylish.

    14. Or a ribbed long sleeve top with a mock turtle neck if you're looking for the same idea but something that'll keep you warm.

    15. A pair of colorful wool socks you'll buy for wintertime but wear all year around the house, because they're that cozy!

    16. A fringed pashmina shawl to add a fashionable and versatile item to your wardrobe. Wear this as a scarf, shawl, head wrap or even use as a light blanket on a chilly night out.

    17. A high-waisted A-line skirt so you can add a pop of stunning color to any outfit you throw on that day.

    18. A classy looking pair of touchscreen leather gloves for keeping your hands cold and your group chats lit.

    19. A boatneck sleeveless dress with over 5,600 five star reviews! This dress is timeless because you'll be having the time of your life in it!

    20. A pair of 100% rubber Hunter boots for when it's raining and pouring and the old man is snoring etc. Each pair is fully waterproof and handcrafted from 28 individual parts including an adjustable strap to keep your boots nice and snug.

    21. A faux shaggy jacket that'll forever go well with your Instagram aesthetic.

    22. A well-made Carhartt t-shirt to always have something you can get your hands dirty in!

    23. A long-sleeve v-neck dress because what's more timeless than a LBD?

    24. A pair of crisp Superga sneakers with over 50 colors to choose from so you can pick the one that'll go with literally any outfit you own.

    25. A two-pack of skinny belts, one brown and one black, so no matter what color scheme you go with you'll have something to match.

    26. Or a leather belt with a round buckle, because you don't waist any time being unfashionable.

    27. A pair (or five) of blue jeans, because if there's one thing you always wish wasn't in the hamper, it's a pair of these bad bois.

    28. A sleeveless pencil dress so you can dress up at the drop of a dime. Speaking of, you're a 10/10!

    29. A medium-weight cardigan to elevate your look from casual to casual-chic. It's available in so many colors you're bound to find a few to match your closet aesthetic.

    30. A fitted moto jacket that'll basically transform your clothes into a completed outfit.

    31. A pair of knee-high leather boots you'll reach for every time you're on your way out the door.

    32. Or a pair of Chelsea ankle booties that'll follow you into every season. Seriously they'll be your sole-mates.

    33. A mock neck sweater, because a full turtleneck can be a little much sometimes. Opt for something a bit looser but with the same vibe.

    34. A pair of adorable and affordable mittens that'll stretch to fit most hand sizes. Also these are plush-filled, meaning you'll basically never want to take them off.

    35. A snap-down-the-front faux suede mini skirt to per-suede you to wear more cute outfits in 2019.

    36. Or a black and classic denim skirt because there are like 20 different outfits you can make with this one piece alone!

    37. A pair of reversible Spanx tights you'll thank yourself later for buying now. You're def going to want multiple pairs of them throughout your life.

    38. An A-line dress with a sheer illusion neckline so you have more pieces in your closet that are as colorful as your personality.

    39. And finally, a sports bra constructed with a built in bra and wide shoulder straps so it'll actually support your boobs. You'll be happy in the long run that you got a pair!

    Every1 shook @ your perfectly stocked closet.

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