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    31 Things That'll Make You Actually Want To Be At Your Desk In 2020

    Hey MTV, welcome to my desk.

    1. An anti-slip desk pad that'll be a waterproof protector for your desk and a "free-range" space for your mouse to roam!

    a laptop on the pink anti-slip desk pad

    2. A water bottle with "drink by" time stamps that'll keep you motivated AND hydrated.

    a hand holding the black "drink by" water bottle

    3. A pet T. rex terrarium with an adoption certificate so you can show off the newest member of your family...hopefully before the next ice age hits.

    the T. Rex terrarium

    4. A laptop stand to help with posture and productivity in 2020. Raise your laptop, raise your life!

    a macbook on the laptop stand

    5. Or this desktop stand riser also comes with storage compartments for all of your work accessories so things can be out of sight and out of mind once you clock out for the weekend (shoutout to everyone still working from home).

    the stand rise with two storage drawers propping up a desktop and an iphone

    6. A pack of peel-and-stick cable clips for keeping your computer and charging cords untangled and off the floor.

    7. Or a document clip if the clutter occupying your desk is more of a mountain of papers than a jungle of wires.

    Reviewer photo of the clip holding a document, which is attached to a computer monitor

    8. A desktop organizer so you can keep books and trinkets at your desk in a clean and professional way.

    books and plants organized in the wooden desktop organizer

    9. An optical illusion spinner ball to keep you entertained during those tiresome lulls in the middle of the day. Plus it can help with fidgeting!

    10. A foot hammock for those of us out there who like to kick our feet up and relax for the best posture throughout the day.

    a model at their desk with their feet up in the foot hammock

    11. A desk blanket so you can stop begging the building manager to turn the temp up a few degrees. You're cozy now; it's chill.

    a desk chair with the desk blanket draped over it

    12. A mini bowling game, because when Susan from accounting walks by you can say, "hey Susan, could you spare me a few seconds of your time?" and then bowl a spare while you say it.

    13. A zen garden so you can transform your stressful office environment to one of tranquility and peace. Who cares if you're raking in the money, you rake sand now.

    a hand combing through the zen garden

    14. A comfy, memory foam chair cushion so you can lower your back pain levels by working on your posture.

    a reviewer's image of the chair cushion

    15. An "Omg I need that" llama duster for anyone who likes a clean work environment and also llamas.

    the lama duster propped up in a reviewer's work cubicle

    16. A mini desk vacuum, because you've started to eat lunch at your desk more and more and the crumbs are driving you nuts. Ladybug vacuum is here to help!

    a reviewer's mini desk vacuum in the shape of a lady bug

    17. A fidget cube you'll never get tired of playing with. This desk toy is great for taking your mind off stressful thoughts and giving yourself a small break during the day.

    a reviewer holding the fidget cube

    18. A wacky waving inflatable tube guy that'll make you laugh every time without ~flail~.

    19. A pair of Bose QuietComfort (Series II) wireless headphones because these are 👏worth 👏the 👏investment. The noise-rejecting dual-microphone system alone will get you through Q4.

    a model wearing the headphones

    20. A desktop tetherball game so you can school your desk-mate during lunch.

    a reviewer playing with the desktop tether ball game

    21. An otter-ly incredible tape dispenser, because practical items you have to keep on your desk are better as cute animals!

    the otter tape dispenser

    22. A screaming goat figurine that'll make actual goat screaming noises so everyone in your office will either hate you or fall in love with your sense of humor.

    the screaming goat on a reviewer's desk

    23. A wireless charging stand for anyone who is always forgetting their phone charger at home (me). Plus you can glance at notifications and see if it's important without picking up your phone for long periods of distraction!

    24. A marble peel and stick paper to upgrade the top of your working space from drab to fab for under $10. Martha Stewart is shook.

    the marble paper attached to a desk top

    25. A three-pack of succulent pots perfectly sized for your desk and your heart.

    three succulent pots

    26. A Bob Ross bobblehead with a booklet of Bob Ross' paintings to keep you inspired and remembering the important things in life: Bob Ross and good hair care.

    27. An iRoller liquid-free screen cleaner to keep your monitor, laptop, and smartphone screens nice and smudge free for a clear view of whatever you're working on.

    28. A smartphone sanitizer that'll keep your phone as clean as your thoroughly washed hands. Just place it in the dish and let the bacteria-fighting ultraviolet lights go to work.

    an iphone in the sanitizing case

    29. A handy cleaning brush to dig out unwanted gunk from those hard-to-reach areas of your keyboard. It'll make your key stokes and your workflow a whole lot smoother.

    the brush being used on a black and silver keyboard

    30. Or a keyboard cover for anyone who simply wants to add some color to their laptop.

    a pink cover on the keyboard of a macbook pro

    31. A bamboo charging station that'll give your desk a bit of character *and* some much needed organization.

    32. A desk frame with four photos to keep yourself surrounded by positive memories and loved ones.

    a collection of photos in the desk frame

    33. A desk name plate that'll get you asking the important questions at work – WWBD?

    the what would beyonce do name plate

    34. A Mario Badescu travel set with three best-selling facial sprays to keep you feeling refreshed and ready to go throughout the day.

    the Mario Badescu travel set

    Congrats on having the best desk in the office, Jim.

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