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    28 Things That'll Just Make You So Heckin' Happy

    "I need ten doses of 'awwwws' today." —me, every day

    1. A cap with bunny ears, because if seeing this doesn't make you a hoppier person, idk what will!?

    2. A golden retriever window decal that's *almost* as good as the real thing. Consider this the pet you've wanted, but without all the responsibility.

    3. A jar of Elizavecca's Milky Piggy bubbling clay mask that'll use charcoal, mud, and carbonated water to rid your pores of blackheads and replace them with a whole lot of smiles.

    4. A ceramic coffee or tea mug big enough to warm your hands and cute enough to warm your heart.

    5. A giant dinosaur sprinkler that shoots water out of its nose (adorable) to give you a refreshing mist on scorching hot days. Also, IT'S AN INFLATABLE DINOSAUR! What more do you want!

    6. A cat toy made of spring steel wire and rolled cardboard, which make for a super light and bouncy design that'll have you laughing as much as it will have your cat dancing.

    7. A pack of five cotton crew animal socks so your feet can smile back at you as you're laying in bed bingeing your fave new show on Netflix. Life is good!

    8. A set of two giant googly eyes, because I dare anyone reading this post not to chuckle looking at these photos.

    9. A Shiba Inu plush pillow so adorable, you're probably so heckin' happy right now just looking at it on your screen. Just wait 'til it's in your arms!

    10. Cloud slime you can customize with your choice of color and scent for an ultra-satisfying way to unwind from a long day.

    11. A Disney and Thomas Kinkade adult coloring book featuring a colored-in version, so you have some ~inspiration~ while you're coloring away. Ahh, coloring can be so therapeutic.

    12. A reversible sequin Nicolas Cage pillowcase, because your accent pillows can actually say a lot about your sense of humor (and your great taste in movies).

    13. A set of dog corn-on-the-cob holders sure to give you a laugh every time you break these out for dinner. Look at the little butts! Look at them!

    14. A 20-piece set of mini squishy stress relief animals that'll be perfect for your desk at work. How could you not smile after seeing these early Monday morning?!

    15. A set of Peas in a Pod ceramic salt and pepper shakers, because your dining room table is missing a touch of personality and charm.

    16. A set of 24 cat paw chair socks that'll not only protect your floors from damage, but your heart from growing cold and jaded. *Squeals with joy*

    17. A double pack of The Golden Girls playing cards you *have* to gift to your Blanche, Sophia, Rose, or Dorothy...you just have to.

    18. A linen pillow case to have you grinning 'til the cows come home. Get it, because Dwight owns a farm? I'll see myself out.

    19. A National Park Homesick Candle that'll take you back to the days when you were a kid, exploring big forests with your family, without a care in the world — I am getting emotional!!!

    20. A set of cat gel roller pens that are A) stupid cute, B) work incredibly well, and C) waaay better than boring ol' pens.

    21. A neck pillow in the shape of a FREAKIN' SHRIMP. Why use a plain neck pillow when you could be sleeping on a shrimp one?!? This isn't up for debate, this pillow rocks.

    22. An avocado pool float featuring its very own seed that doubles as a beach ball. Your pool days are gonna ~guac~ hard with this hanging around.

    23. An adorable monster colander — and the only thing scary about it is how much you'll want to start cooking.

    24. A disco beard kit with color-changing lights you thread into your beard for a show-stopping look I think you should wear everywhere??? Too much? NEVER.

    25. A pretty pack of encouragement cards featuring positive messages you can read to yourself when the days feel long and tiring.

    26. Good Advice Cupcake t-shirts adorned with sweet little faces you can't help but smile at.

    27. A set of delightful cactus dryer balls that'll help aerate and fluff your laundry while it dries.

    28. And a pair of bubble windows for the backyard fence that allows your dog to see their next-door pals, which can help cut down barking. This is sure to make you the world's greatest pet parent...and neighbor.

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