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    20 Things From Target To Help Free Up More Space In Your Home

    🎶 "A whole new drawwwweeerrer" 🎶 —Aladdin + you

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    1. An organizer shelf made up of six spacious cubes so you can take all the stuff that is currently on the floor or stuffed in that closet (you know the one) and organize it into neat little cubbies. Great, now you have a new empty closet!

    2. A large milk crate you can put into the shelf unit I just mentioned or use around your house to clean up knickknacks taking up wayyyyy too much space on the kitchen table or floor and keep them out of sight.

    3. A plastic bathroom tray that'll organize your larger items like face towels or smaller items like makeup brushes and toothbrushes. When you give your bathroom items a permanent home you'll be surprised to see just how much stuff you end up getting rid of.

    4. A wire basket with a set of copper handles for anyone who loves to keep things tidy but also likes to know where things are and what exactly is in each storage bin. Free up more space by taking the time now to go through all of your office papers and only keeping (and organizing!) the ones that are still important.

    5. A soft fabric bath basket for large towels or if you bought an excess of toilet paper recently and have nowhere to put it all (yes, you Karen!)

    6. An over-the-tank toilet roll holder for an ingenious way to clear up space on the ground and utilize the unused area beside your toilet tank.

    7. Or a toilet paper holder so thin, it'll fit right between your toilet and your sink. Plus it has this handy shelf on it, adding more space to store your reading or cleaning materials.

    8. A three-tier expandable shelf to make better use of the space you have on your shelves for spices. Now you can see which spices you have instead of digging around in the dark recesses of your cabinet and hoping you grab the garlic first.

    9. A 5-quart airtight dispenser for all sorts of food storage. Put your cereal or really any snacks inside so you know how much of it you have left and it'll stay fresher longer. Plus it'll save tons of space in your pantry due to its super sleek design.

    10. Or, if you need a rounded version, a three-piece airtight round canister set with a push pop top that'll make organizing your dry goods feel fun and productive at the same time. Now you don't have four bags of flour taking up space in your pantry, they're all in one container!

    11. A pair of bamboo expandable drawer organizers so you can customize your drawer in a way that works for you. It's so frustrating when cutlery organizers don't fit, these will AND they'll give you more space to work with.

    12. A metal garment rack for excess clothing that is currently on the floor of your overstuffed closet. This will make your clothing feel organized and easy accessible as well as give you space to move around in other parts of your closet + room now that things are off the floor.

    13. A scarf hanger to compress the mess that is your scarf or tie collection into one easy hanger. Now you'll always know where your accessories are without having to dig for hours for the same one you wear every time anyway!

    14. Similarly, a five-tiered pants hanger so your pants can stop taking up much needed drawer space and can hang at eye-sight level in a very organized way with this hanger.

    15. An under-bed fabric bin because it's getting warmer outside so it's time to put away all those winter clothes, heated blankets and so on! Winter clothing is a PRO when it comes to taking up space. You'll be excited to see that sweater that took up so much room gone for now.

    16. A three-drawer closet organizer with a rustic oak finished top for anyone who is desperate for more closet storage especially now that they are home a lot and noticing just how bad it has gotten (me)!

    17. A laundry hamper that is taller than it is wide so you can say goodbye to those super thicc and clunky laundry baskets we grew up using that take up way too much space in an already small laundry room.

    18. Or a three-bin folding x-frame hamper that'll help you pre-organize your clothes into delicates, whites, and darks or even clean, kinda dirty and HELLA dirty. When you're not using it you can fold it up and put it away to make room for other things in your life.

    19. A hallway bench with storage space built right in and a comfy cushion you can sit on when you tie your shoes.

    20. Or a metal and wood hall tree with a built-in storage area, a bench, and two stunning hook racks for literally anything and everything you need to keep out of the way. Now there aren't random coats, shoes, or backpacks strewn about the house taking up room.

    When you notice how much more space you have now:

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