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    21 Things From Overstock That Reviewers Truly Love

    You could say, reviewers were ~over~ the moon with what was in ~stock~.

    1. An office chair because the one you're borrowing from the kitchen table for your new at-home desk is doing unspeakable things to your lower back.

    2. A corner desk for the room you didn't expect to be working from all summer!

    3. A wall-mounted folding laptop desk because this is adorable, genius, and a WFH dream come true.

    4. A bohemian-style rug that'll fit any size space you need.

    5. A bathtub caddy tray with extending sides, a reading rack, and a place for your phone AND wine so you can relax like a pro.

    6. A toothbrush stand that'll keep the area around your sink nice and clean — just like your toothbrush keeps your teeth clean.

    7. An antique iron bed frame that'll take you back to the Victorian era, except this time you'll have high-speed internet and....uh...lamps!

    8. A black iron industrial desk lamp for anyone who loves an antique style.

    9. A stylish TV stand with enough storage to hide the fact that you still have a DVD player. Blow the dust off that box set of The Office and call it a day, folks!

    10. A two-drawer file cabinet so you can store your very important documents, of which you have many, because you are very important.

    11. A "Hello" doormat to brighten up your doorway with a pleasant greeting.

    12. A giant lounging bean bag for when you want the floor to also feel like the couch. So...all the time.

    13. A corner table for your shower so you can finally shave your legs without falling over. Oh, it also stores stuff — cool!

    14. A wooden floating wall shelf so you can take that empty space above your couch and turn it into a lovely home for all your friends and family to rest upon.

    15. An 11-piece Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set because you've had the same single pan since 2008 (same). Look at how many new cookware items you can get for the price!!

    16. A set of six fridge bins because the last time you opened your fridge, you discovered an orange you didn't know you still had but it was farrrrr too late. Use these to organize your groceries for an easier eating and cooking experience.

    17. A stainless steel kitchen sink with a cutting board and drying rack so beautiful it'll make you cry (or maybe that's the onions).

    18. A clamp-on floating tray for your bedside to keep remotes, phones, books, tissues, a glass of water, etc.! The less I have to move, the better.

    19. A round mirror because this'll make it feel like your room is bigger, it's on sale, and it'll have you saying "mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest (priced) of them all?"

    20. An ergonomic home office chair with a velvet finish so you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

    21. A grocery bag organizer because you have one trillion bags from who knows where and they keep growing out of control. This will help! You've got the bag.

    *adds to cart*

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