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    21 Things From Nordstrom That People Actually Swear By

    Affordable fall coats, cozy sweaters, perfect winter boots, and everything else people love to get at Nordstrom!

    1. A mock neck sweater, because a full turtleneck can be a little much sometimes. Opt for something a bit more loose but with the same vibe!

    2. A long-sleeve tee that'll be great for layering up your outfit in the brisk weather.

    3. A knee-high leather boot you'll reach for every time you're on your way out the door.

    4. A thermal cowl neck sweater made with a thick stitch and slouchy vibes so your cozy aesthetic can remain strong all winter.

    5. A convertible neckline tunic you can wear to work... and then roll down the collar onto your shoulders and *boom* you have a whole new look!

    6. A pair of Sam Edelman ankle boots that'll follow you into every season. Pick the color of your dreams and get ready to wear these bad bois on the daily.

    7. A water-resistant North Face parka so your whole body can be as toasty as a marshmallow turning over a campfire.

    8. A double-breasted peacoat for when the snow turns to rain and the rain turns to snow. Be prepared for any weather, with any outfit!

    9. A sophisticated Madewell cardigan with just enough design to make it stand out from the rest of your closet. Perfect for chilly days at the office!

    10. A pair of Frye combat boots that'll be so fierce, the only thing you'll be combatting are the people who'll want to buy them right off your feet.

    11. A reversible faux leather tote so you can mix and match depending on which color goes with which look! Tote-ally awesome.

    12. A shimmery striped sweater to add a vibrant pop of color that'll match your personality.

    13. A luxurious reversible scarf, because why have one classic pattern when you could have two?

    14. A pair of stretch-denim skinny jeans that'll be your go-to when showing off all your favorite sweaters and boots.

    15. A drop-shoulder sweatshirt with adorable buttons on the sides to add just the right amount of texture.

    16. A pair of Spanx tights you'll thank yourself for buying now, because you're def going to need multiple pairs of them this winter.

    17. A pair of brushed lounge pants, because after a long day of work, the first thing you'll want to throw on are these bad boys and a good rom-com to decompress a bit!

    18. A set of earrings to wear with pretty much any outfit. Add a pair of earrings and all of a sudden your look will feel complete!

    19. A knit beanie with a faux fur pompom because winter isn't nearly as cozy without one! Keep your (egg)noggen warm!

    20. A sweater for when day lights savings hits and you're feeling blue (and cold AF because where did the sun go huh?!)

    21. A pair of tech-savvy gloves that'll allow you to use your phone. Now you can take an Instagram pic of your freshly made snowman without freezing your fingers off!

    You, thanking yourself for a whole new wardrobe!

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