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    23 Things From Nordstrom That People Actually Swear By

    Jackets and sweaters and tights, oh my.

    1. A fleece pullover you'll throw on on your way out the door, because it's just that cozy and perfect for your everyday outfits.

    2. A roll-sleeve parka, because your goal this fall is to stroll around the park-a after work more often, and this coat will make sure you're warm enough to follow through with that!

    3. A turtleneck sweater to add to your "winter in the office" looks to freshen things up this year.

    4. A double breasted peacoat you'll find plenty of use for as the days get colder and you try to layer everything in your closet into one cohesive outfit.

    5. A Calvin Klein racerback bralette for a more comfortable bra option that still offers support without feeling like you're in super restricting clothing all day.

    6. Knee high boots that'll stand out on your Insta grid as ~fashionable~ and ~sophisticated~. Oh and also they are super comfortable and practical for the entire fall and winter seasons.

    7. A plaid boyfriend shirt so you have something to wear on the weekends that's super cute but without all the effort of dressing up.

    8. A striped blouse with buttons down the back, because you are the epitome of F A S H I O N and you don't even have to try that hard.

    9. A faux fur puffer jacket so you can keep your body warm and your outfit looking sharp on your night out in the cold weather.

    10. A mesh-top dress, because winter can be dark and sad but your outfit does NOT have to be!

    11. A pair of slim-straight jeans if you've warn out your last favorite pair and it's time for a new one. Especially since you'll be living in these all winter long.

    12. A faux fur parka to live your vibrant "I'm someone who skis for fun" fantasy while sipping cocoa by the fire, because that's really what you do for fun.

    13. A puff-sleeve dress for a standout piece to throw on for more formal occasions you have this winter. Stay a bit warmer without loosing your style!

    14. An open cardigan, because it's layer season and you're looking around your closet like, "where did all my layers go?!"

    15. A pair of control top tights so you can keep those legs warm without always having to wear pants.

    16. A quarter-zip sweatshirt you're never going to want to take off, because it matches your fun and casual personality so well it might as well be your uniform for life now.

    17. A pair of Air Max 200 sneakers to add a pop of color and style to your shoe collection. Let your shoes be as vibrant as your personality.

    18. A pair of knit trousers that'll give you some options for pants that aren't jeans, adding in some color variants and new textures to play around with.

    19. A set of two necklaces you can layer for a strikingly beautiful look that'll be great with any top or dress that has an open neck to show them off!

    20. A pair of thermal pajamas with a bunch of wintertime trees on them if you're more than ready to embrace the season of curling up on the couch in your PJs watching Hallmark rom-coms.

    21. A stunning metallic jumpsuit perfect for your office holiday party, or even ringing in the new year.

    22. A midi shirtdress to bring the "LBD" back into your life for good. It's a staple for a reason and it goes with any season!

    23. A pair of utility trousers with an exaggerated belt so you can look fashionable but feel comfortable as ever.

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