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    23 Of The Best Rugs You Can Get On Amazon

    Is your current rug hanging on by a thread? Are you having trouble finding the perfect replacement for your space? Well you know what they say, carpet diem! Time to get that new rug!

    Please note that the majority of these rugs come in a ton of different sizes and colors, so make sure you check the dimensions and style before you buy!

    1. A lovely Moroccan trellis design for a contemporary style that won't cost you a fortune.

    2. A fun floral rug, because a little extra color here and there will really make your room pop!

    3. A super fuzzy, faux-fur throw that'll faux-sure feel great to walk on.

    4. A nylon rainbow runner for any warm-toned homes out there.

    5. An elegant silver and ivory-colored rug so you'll be able to effortlessly tie all of your decor together.

    6. A natural fiber piece, because a minimal look proves less is really more.

    7. A reliable, full-sized shag carpet that'll bring texture and color back into your home.

    8. A checkered runner with a non-skid bottom for hallways and tight spaces that need a little extra something.

    9. A textured, shed-free rug so you can skip hanging art on your walls — you're stepping on the real masterpiece here.

    10. A trendy turquoise gradient rug because you can never go wrong with a soft ombre look.

    11. A Turkish rug with a geometric design that'll go with almost anything.

    12. A hand-woven, braided circle rug so your interior can be as unique and colorful as you are.

    13. A fuzzy shag carpet because nothing is better than taking off your shoes after a long day and walking on a cloud.

    14. A charming beige rug that'll be your pet's new favorite spot in the house.

    15. A chevron rug for the bold designers among us.

    16. A flowery number, because you'll be floored with the results.

    17. A street map carpet that'll offer hours of playtime and fun for those of us who shouldn't be behind the wheel just yet.

    18. A turquoise patio rug so you can enjoy the outdoors, but with good floors.

    19. A multicolored distressed runner because you won't be stressed anymore once your hallway is this beautiful.

    20. A spiral vine rug that'll be a sophisticated addition to any home and comfortable enough to curl up on.

    21. A green floral area rug for an option that'll be easy to vacuum, stain resistant, and won't shed!

    22. A stunning rug so the time and effort you've put into decorating your home is reflected in the final touch of high end flooring.

    23. A subtly framed outdoor rug, because you've been stRUGgling to find the perfect piece to finish off the patio.

    You, becoming best friends with your new carpet!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.