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    19 Splurge-Worthy Parenting Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money


    1. A BabyBjörn bouncer to calm your little one into a restful sleep without all the fuss.

    2. Baby Banz earmuffs so your baby can join the family at louder events without damaging their precious lil' ears.

    3. An upholstered swivel glider chair and an ottoman to match for the perfect nursery set-up for any new parents.

    4. A 6-in-1 convertible highchair equipped with a dishwasher-safe tray, six height adjustments, and three reclining positions for effortless feeding.

    5. An Ubbi steel diaper pail designed to eliminate mess, smell, and overall hassle during constant diaper changes.

    6. A 4-in-1 crib that'll turn into a toddler, day, and full-sized bed as your child grows older.

    7. A stylish diaper bag designed with eleven pockets, including two large zip pockets and two insulated side pockets to fit extra-wide bottles.

    8. A portable pop-up playpen that'll provide a shady spot to play outside for the youngest members of the family. The dome's material has an anti-UV rating of 50+ which protects your child's skin from 99% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays!

    9. A changing table designed with a water-resistant changing pad and safety rails, plus plenty of storage space where you need it.

    10. A baby bottle electric steam sterilizer and dryer that'll clean up to 11 bottles and things like teethers, pacifiers, and plastic toys all at once!

    11. An on-the-go breast pump backpack with space for everything you could possibly think of for convenient breastfeeding.

    12. An all-in-one car seat that'll evolve as your child grows older, giving you ten years of safe and comfortable rides.

    13. A 100% organic cotton baby bathrobe so your young one stays warm and happy between bath-time and bedtime.

    14. A walk-through infant gate to keep your little ones safe and out of harm's way.

    15. A mechanical noise canceling machine so unwanted sounds can't enter the room and you can soothe your baby into a deep sleep.

    16. Or a stuffed animal sheep that'll double as a sound machine to keep your kiddos cuddled and relaxed as they fall asleep.

    17. A travel crib (it converts to a backpack!) for anyone who brings their little ones on adventures.

    18. An eight-panel interactive play pen so you know where your kid is at all times and they have a safe space to learn, play, and grow.

    19. A Boba Baby Wrap carrier for newborns so parents don't need to adjust or take off their carrier when doing small tasks — where you go, they go!

    Incredible products for incredible families!

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