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29 Purr-Fect Products For People Who Absolutely Love Cats

How many cat puns are too many? We're about to find out.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A cat-shaped candle designed to melt and reveal a metallic cat skeleton staring back at you.

3. A set of kitty cat wine charms, because who doesn't love a little personality with their rosé.

Promising review: "How many times have you been at an event or gathering and wondered, is that my wine glass? Well fret no more! These cute little drink markers take away the guessing element, especially as the night goes on and you've had a few. We've all been there and while some may say, they're totally unnecessary, I can attest that they certainly come in handy! " — Peepchick

Get them from Amazon for $10 or from Jet for $15.91.


5. A cheeky desk plaque for anyone who loves puns as much as they love cats.

Cough, me.

Promising review: "Bought this as a gift for a fellow cat lover who just started an internship. It's super, super cute, and the plaque seems high quality and sturdy. The plate isn't real wood but it sure looks nice!" — lheisick

Get it from ModCloth for $24.99.

6. A pair of pearl kitten earrings so you can let your inner cat lady out in the most adorable way.

Promising review: "Super cute but understated enough to wear in a professional environment. This was a gift for my favorite crazy cat lady (my sister), and she loved them!" — FisaLaye

Get them from Amazon for $14.50. Available in six colors.


8. An ice tray mold filled with little kittens that will cool you down on a sunny caturday afternoon.

Promising review: "I use this to make soap. They work great and are easy to clean!" — Pura Alma Soaps

Get them from Amazon for $13.99.

10. A collection of poems for anyone who has been dying to know how cats really feel about the world.

Promising review: "I purchased this book as a gift for a cat lover. When it arrived, I read a few of the passages and was dying laughing. They are great! The cat lover/recipient really enjoyed them too! This book would be great for the coffee table when visitors come over!" — Brittany Roberts

Get it from Amazon for $8.64, Barnes and Noble for $9.50 or a local bookseller through IndieBound here.


12. A shoulder purse with cat-like features that will have you looking good and feline fine.

Real cat not included, unfortunately.

Promising review: "This purse looked adorable and was cheap so I figured I'd take a shot. I am ecstatic! The purse looks just like the picture and after two months of daily usage, it is still holding up well! Would recommend for cat fanatics." — Lucy

Get it from Amazon for $21.89.

13. A cat mold to shape your eggs so your breakfast comes out purrfectly.

Promising review: "Cute! I am still getting the hang of using it, but it is pretty straightforward and easy to make a cute egg breakfast for myself." — S.A.B

Get it from Amazon for $19.21. Available in five designs.


16. A set of cat butt magnets that will fur sure turn a few heads.

Promising review: "I cannot describe how much I love these cat butt magnets; they are beyond words. Aside from the ones for myself, I bought a set of these for my friends, my ex-roommate, and sister. They all love them. Even their friends love them! Point being, if I had to choose one set of the many magnets that litter my fridge, it would be these. Make the right choice: Choose Cat Butts." — LEW

Get them from Amazon for $12 or Jet for $12.69. Available in six different animals.


20. A set of measuring spoons with the most adorable kitten smiles, because who wouldn't look like that after being scooped into a bag of sugar.

Promising review: "Very cute looking set. Spoons are exactly as you see them on the pictures. Very light ceramics. Cat lovers would love this as a gift. So far none of the spoons chip or break with a regular use." — Igor

Get them from Amazon for $14.

21. A wine bottle stopper that will have you popping bottles just so you can use it immediately.


28. A made-to-order handmade bracelet that will become a special reminder of your favorite furry friends.

Promising review: "Purrfect and cute! Love everything about this bracelet from the looks to her craftsmanship." — KT Kanai

Get it from Luckeeluvstudio on Etsy for $32. Available in rose gold and silver.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.