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    18 Life Hacks From TikTok That Made Me Rethink How I Do Everything

    Life = Hacked

    1. How to make painting your bedroom walls this weekend not such a mess:

    2. How to ~magically~ make more veggies by just adding your scraps to water:

    4. How to put on a clasped bracelet all by yourself:


    Have you ever tried this? It actually works! ##lifehacks ##diy

    ♬ original sound - jonathanblogs

    Ok now I really don't need a roommate.

    5. How to make dried-out markers work again:

    6. How to get cats to sit where you want them to:


    Apparently if you put a taped square on the ground, cats ALWAYS sit in it - here’s the result ##foryou ##fyp ##cat ##cats ##catsoftiktok ##catlover

    ♬ original sound - twomenandtotoro

    Humans: 1, Cats: 0

    7. How to do DIY temporary tattoos for kids using things you already have laying around the house:


    Super easy science experiment! You probably already have all the things you need at home 🤭 ##science ##kidsactivities ##scienceexperiment ##magictrick

    ♬ original sound - pondpuff

    *covers entire hand in circle tats*

    8. How to make brownies without having so many dirty dishes:

    👏 Just 👏 Mix 👏 Everything 👏 In 👏 The 👏 Pan.

    9. How to teach at home on Zoom, using your shower wall as a white board:

    Uhh, just make sure you have the kind of wall where it'll erase!

    10. How to get the tough chicken tendon out before you cook it:

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    11. How to get a hard-boiled egg out of its shell easily:

    I am ~blown~ away.

    12. How to open a beer without a bottle opener (while also looking really cool):


    Here’s a tutorial on how to properly do the bottle-opening trick ##fyp ##bottlecapchallenge ##lifehack ##levelup

    ♬ original sound - thatpineapplegirl

    She passes the vibe check.

    13. How to let the internet decide what movie you're going to watch tonight:

    Instead of scrolling through Netflix for hours use this site!

    14. How to remove gel polish at home:

    15. How to make a mask at home from a bandanna:

    16. How to trick your kids into thinking they're at Disney World (and maybe even on Splash Mountain):


    This little girl missed her vacation to Disney due to the quarantine, so her dad made one of the rides at home. Dad of the year.

    ♬ Disney - reggiefisher15

    The spray bottle effect is just *chefs kiss*

    17. How to make your coffee extra special tomorrow by whipping it up:

    18. And finally, how to pick a cocktail (using this site) based only on the ingredients you have in your house.


    THE BEST THING THATS HAPPENED TO QUARANTINE SINCE TIGER KING (PS Making these for my parents :) ##foryoupage ##fyp ##cocktail ##quarantine ##recipe

    ♬ Original sound - anikaf46

    You're welcome.