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    Vaginas Everywhere Rejoice — Intimina Is Giving Us 20% Off Site-Wide

    *Including a menstrual cup you can wear during penetrative sex*

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    Hello to all who menstruate! Have you ever reached for that fourth cardboard tampon of the day and thought, "There's gotta be a better way?!"

    Schitts Creek / CBC

    Well you're in luck! Menstrual cups are a great alternative for our bodies *and for the earth* — and they're currently 20% off at Intimina! Here's your chance to finally check out what all the ~buzz~ is about for yourself.

    Schitts Creek / CBC

    Use promo code "BUZZCUP" at checkout for 20% off site-wide (this promo excludes already discounted products). There's also *free shipping* for all orders over $50. Sale ends December 31st!

    We rounded up our fave picks from the sale for you to peruse, whether you're new to menstrual cups or you've tried them before but are still looking for the perfect fit:

    1. The Lily Cup Compact is petite, can handle a heavy flow, folds flat, and is easy to remove. It comes with a small protective travel case, which will fit perfectly in your tote or even your pocket!

    @intimina / Via, @intimina / Via

    Promising review: "I wish I bought this years ago. I used it for the first time today and cannot sing its praises enough. It's comfortable enough to do yoga in, convenient in that I don't worry about pad leakage, and saves the environment and my wallet. It's easy to use." —Osaka

    Price: $23.96 (originally $29.95; available in two sizes)

    2. The Ziggy Cup has all the period protection that the Lily Cup has with the added benefit of being able to be worn during sex! That's 12 hours of comfort to be spent HOWEVER you want.

    @intimina / Via, @intimina / Via

    Promising review: "I have tried regular cups and due to my low cervix they always hurt. Now with the Ziggy I don't have to worry about it hurting and worry less about leaking! The mess-free sex is great as well!" —shanajune2k20

    Price: $31.96 (originally $39.95; available in two sizes)

    3. And to top it all off, an alcohol-free accessory cleaner that'll keep your menstrual cups clean. You're all set!

    the bottle of spray accessory cleaner in a bath of bubbles
    @intimina / Via

    Soap and water will also work just fine!

    Promising review: "Makes the cleaning quick and safe. It takes only seconds to clean your device and you are ready to go." —Jessie

    Price: $7.96 (originally $9.95; available in two sizes)

    Don't forget to use code "BUZZCUP" at checkout for 20% off at Intimina until December 31st!

    Schitts Creek / CBC

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