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    32 Clever Products That'll Help You Feel Ready For Anything In 2020

    "I'm readyyyyy" — SpongeBob and you in 2020.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A seven-pack of insect traps you stick into your plant pot to trap any unwanted bugs flying around your indoor garden, because all of a sudden it's spring!

    2. A set of clip-on bangs, because you're ready for change, but not permanent change. Now's your chance to see what you'd look like before the big commitment!

    3. A pack of peel-and-stick cable clips for keeping your computer and charging cords untangled and off the floor so you're ready to charge your devices during work, or right before bed without getting on the ground to hunt for fallen cables.

    4. A comfy, memory foam chair cushion so you can lower your back pain levels by working on your posture. Now you're ready for longer hours at work after having some time off.

    5. A wireless charging stand for anyone who is always forgetting their phone charger at home (me). Plus, you can glance at notifications and see if it's important without picking up your phone for long periods of distraction!

    6. A 60-minute visual timer for anyone who has trouble focusing and needs a visual reminder that time is passing by while performing daily tasks at home, school, or work. Just set a time, and get back to work!

    7. A sea sickness wristband so you can finally be ready for all motion-related adventures. Now you can go deep sea fishing, sail off the coast of Greece, and take a Disney cruise without throwing up every time.

    8. A pair of amber-tinted glasses for anyone who spends hours in front of a computer. These'll rescue your tired eyes by minimizing eye strain caused by blue light emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting.

    9. A portable bug bite suction tool that'll reduce the itching and swelling your body is experiencing after a mosquito, bee, or wasp sting.

    10. A pack of four toe separators so bunions and overlapping toes won't stop you from wearing your new favorite pair of shoes.

    11. A pack of Miracle-Gro plant food spikes that'll feed your indoor flowers and plants for up to two months to help keep them healthy and taken care of, because you weren't ready to be a plant parent until this changed the game.

    12. A waterproof phone pouch so your essentials stay safe on every vacation you take. While it's in the bag, you can totally still use it and take tons of amazing photos UNDER WATER! This reviewer tested it with a piece of paper and it's 100% dry.

    13. A purse organizer so when you're going about your *busy life* you can easily (and quickly!) find your phone, wallet, keys, etc.

    14. A FlexiSnake drain cleaner that'll remove nasty clogged hair quickly and painlessly — no more harsh chemicals down the drain, or waiting impatiently for that sink puddle to disappear.

    15. A non-slip fridge liner so your can give yourself an added layer of protection against leaky food. We don't know exactly what 2020 will hold, but we can assume by now it'll be a little messy.

    16. A weekly pill organizer so you can be a responsible adult and take your medicine and vitamins daily (and when you're supposed to)! Might be hard to swallow, but this is super important.

    17. A set of four packing cubes for any last-minute trips you might have this year. With these, you can fit everything you'll need so you don't feel panicked and unorganized.

    18. A water bottle that'll track the amount you drink in a day with colorful movable rings so you'll be ready to meet those 2020 water-related resolutions.

    19. A visually stunning hanger stacker so you can spend an entire Sunday spring cleaning your closet for five hours, and end up with long-term organizational solutions. Only grown-ups brag about this kind of stuff.

    20. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets that'll clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else, with no scrubbing required. We love an all-natural, no-hassle way to clean!

    21. A pack of makeup-remover cloths to gently and effectively remove all the makeup that's been soaking into your pores throughout the day. This will help minimize breakouts and also make you feel generally cleaner before bed each night. Try not to sleep in your makeup like you did all of 2019!

    22. A bottle of earwax removal drops that'll do all the hard work for you. Gone are the days of using five cotton swabs just to get nothing out, even though you know there's still wax in there! Now you can hear when your mom says, "You're doing amazing sweetie!"

    23. A pack of 36 hydrocolloid acne absorbing patches to put on any unwanted pimples (are any pimples wanted?) overnight and — WOW — say goodbye to pus, oil, and inflammation in the morning.

    24. A fabric defuzzer, because your in-laws are making an unexpected visit to your home and this tool will make all of your fuzzy sweaters, throw pillows, and worn down furniture look like they just came from the store.

    25. A pack of charcoal oil-absorbing tissues to confront your oily T-zone in the fastest manner possible. They're super absorbent and will be your go-to for years to come.

    26. A flexible cable protector so you can prevent your charging cord from fraying after, like, two weeks. We all wish we bought this about three chargers ago, but now's your chance.

    27. A 15-pack of meal-prep containers to feel ready to start your new decade off with some better habits if you're trying to stop ordering in multiple times a week.

    28. A (Sriracha-included) keychain set so you can always have *in case of emergency* hot sauce in your bag. Swag.

    29. A windshield cover to protect your car from the stormy weather ahead. It'll also get you to work on time, because you won't be scraping ice and snow off your windshield!

    30. A migraine headache stick so anyone who gets headaches out of nowhere will feel a sigh of relief when they find this in their bag.

    31. A cascading file wall to keep all the important bills, receipts, photographs, and mail you have strewn about the house organized and in one place — and easy to find later on.

    32. A pack of moldable glue to have on hand for all emergencies, whether it's repairing frayed cords, or even patching up pots and pans. It's so versatile you can't go wrong with having this stuff around the house!

    When you're well prepared for everything and 2020 is shook.

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