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    21 Cheap Things That Work So Well You May Do A Double Take

    Products that are affordable and still prove they're worth buying.

    1. A foaming carpet shampoo that'll be really great for the interior of your car. You wheely wheely need to deep clean that thing. 👀

    2. A set of two vinyl furniture scratch guards so your pets will finally get the message that your really expensive couch is not their really expensive toy.

    A side by side of the arms of a couch with and without the plastic protector

    3. A set of Schtick dermaplaning razors because they'll shape brows flawlessly (and painlessly!). They're precise and won't irritate your skin like waxing and threading do.

    4. A leather conditioner for transforming your worn-out shoes, chairs, couches (and really anything leather) back to how they looked when you first brought them home.

    5. A set of light-dimming sheets because someone kept looking at their very bright alarm clock and thought, "there's gotta be a way to rid my life of glare!?" And then they invented this thing. Glare be gone!

    A clock with the light dimming sheet over it showing that it's dimmer now

    6. A portable dog paw cleaner for when your furry friend decides their favorite activity today is running through the mud! Simply add some water, dump their paw into these super soft bristles, and watch the magic happen!

    7. A bottle of Burt's Bees sunburn lotion to soothe the biggest mistake you made all summer — forgetting the SPF!

    A before and after of a sunburnt back now healed

    8. A suede and leather brush cleaner for your favorite pair of shoes that just got ruined in the muddy grass or rain.

    9. A portable bug bite suction tool that'll help reduce the itching and swelling your body is experiencing after a mosquito, bee, or wasp sting.

    10. A set of clip-on bangs because you know you've wondered what you'd look like with them. We all have! Now's your chance to see what you'd look like without making it permanent.

    A before and after of a reviewer trying the bangs out

    11. A bottle of earwax removal drops that'll do all the hard work for you. Gone are the days of using five cotton swabs just to get nothing out, even though you know there's still wax in there!

    12. A three-pack of plastic plumbing snake drains so you can take care of the slow-flowing drains that have been bugging you for weeks. With just a few minutes of work (no need to call the plumber, or take apart the drain) this'll slide right in and the hooks will do the trick.

    A reviewer using the drain snake to remove hair from their drain

    13. A grooming glove to use wet or dry to remove excess hair from your furriest friend in a way they will actually enjoy.

    A series of photos showing the glove picking up tons of animal hair from pets

    14. A pack of four toe separators so bunions and overlapping toes won't stop you from wearing your new favorite pair of shoes.

    15. A pair of moisturizing gel heel sleeves made with a gel pad that'll release oils and vitamins as you sleep to help heal cracked skin and dry patches.

    16. A waterproof phone pouch so your essentials stay safe this summer. While it's in the bag you can totally still use it and take tons of amazing photos UNDER WATER!

    17. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets that'll clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else, with no scrubbing required. We love an all-natural, no-hassle way to clean!

    A before and after of a bottle super clean

    18. A bottle of nail and cuticle oil to rid your life of broken and peeling nails from all those gel manicures you did over the summer. With daily application, your nails will grow so strong that you'll be able to file this purchase under #worthit.

    A before and after of someone's nails looking healthier after using the product

    19. A wine stain remover that'll magically erase all kinds of spills us trash-humans get on us (like wine, coffee, and spaghetti sauce).

    20. A beauty spatula designed to get every last drop of your expensive foundation, lip gloss, or lotion. Don't let a poorly designed bottle get you down! Sooooo satisfying.

    21. A box of acne-absorbing patches because an overnight spot treatment is just what that pimple needs. Place this on before bed and — BAM — pus and oil will be drawn out, and inflammation will go down by morning.

    A before and after showing puss drawn out from the pimple spot where a patch was placed

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