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    20 Of The Best Gag Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

    "Hahahahaha" —you pranking all your loved ones

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    1. A set of two giant googly eyes, because your sense of humor is perfect and we would be great friends, you and eye!

    2. An adult coloring book called The Big Adventures Of Tiny Dick for the hilarious dick pic you would actually be ok receiving and sending to a friend!

    3. A thumb drive, because who doesn't love a literal interpretation of a common household item.

    4. A nose pencil sharpener your friend's snot gonna let you borrow in class.

    5. A bar of beer, whisky or wine soap that'll give ~rubbing alcohol~ a whole new meaning.

    6. A four-pack of bubble gum magnets, because nothing ~attracts~ laughs like a gross double take followed by ~sweet~ relief.

    7. A pair of sandals that'll rank highest on a scale from 1—100. Your friends will be fishing for compliments all day at the lake.

    8. A set of 24 cat paw chair socks for the cat lover who'll appreciate that you want to protect their floors from damage while also making them giggle profusely.

    9. A retractable pug tongue tape measure that'll ~inch~ its way into their daily dose of joy.

    10. A candom (aka a can condom), because this summer won't be complete without a beer koozie that'll ~protect~ their lager from the heat.

    11. Or a set of six wine bottle condoms to keep newly opened — but not finished — bottle of wine fresh. It'll have them saying, "chardonhe he he he he."

    12. A set of custom face stickers to use for really any gag-gift occasion you can think of. The opportunities are endless, just wait 'till one idea sticks.

    13. A large shrimp neck pillow for the family member who's always traveling ~overseas~.

    14. A coffee table book called, Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence for your friends new house warming party. It'll answer the question guests never knew they had. It's educational AND it has pictures of animals farting (or not farting!), what more could they want?

    15. A 3D corgi butt mouse pad that'll be a hit at work — no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

    16. A set of lipsticks, or lipdicks if you will, for a beauty lover with a great sense of humor.

    17. A set of cat butt fridge magnets that'll turn a few heads (or tails) fur a good laugh in the kitchen.

    18. A reversible sequin Nicolas Cage pillowcase, because your accent pillows can actually ~say~ a lot about your sense of humor (and your great taste in movies).

    19. A squeaky plush dog toy designed to look like La Croix, because dogs doing human activities is one of the funniest gags there is.

    20. A pizza box of socks that'll have them cheesin' with a ~pep~ in their step every time they wear them.

    Jim, the ultimate prankster, is highly amused.

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