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16 Gorgeous 3D Drawings That'll Confuse Your Brain

How are these even possible?

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1. This is what happens to your brain when you're trying to figure out a problem.

2. Forget climbing through wardrobes to get to Narnia. Climb through this ripped paper instead.

3. OMG is that a paintbrush through his — oh, it's a drawing.

4. There is something hauntingly beautiful about this drawing called "Layers of a Dream."

5. Who knew 3D writing could say so much in only five letters?

6. Can you guess which Butterfinger is real?

8. Disney characters can actually come to life.

9. No, those aren't real sharks on your desk.

10. Experiment 626 is trying to escape! / Via

11. When you want a pet dolphin to train so you just draw your own.

12. There's a whole world of experiences waiting for you if you only dare to turn a new page.

13. This one just wants to play a game.

14. Butterflies are beautiful, whether real or fake.

15. Don't worry, it's just pencil.

16. Take a drink. Or don't, because this is just paper.

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