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19 Times Zadie Smith Was The Epitome Of Brains And Beauty

When a beautiful mind meets a beautiful wardrobe.

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6. When she was like, "Why, of course I can rock a shawl, a sequined dress, and a medal from the New York Public Library. My debut novel sold over a million copies."

7. When she was like, "Oh, sure, I just beat Hilary Mantel and Ali Smith for a major literary award. But let's take a moment to appreciate my impeccable sense of color coordination."


9. When she was like, "I know, it's a bit awkward for me to be this preternaturally stylish and to have written multiple literary masterpieces, I know. But you'll have to deal."


14. When she was like, "'The object of the passion is just an accessory to the passion itself.' Like these shoes, which perfectly complement the rest of this ensemble."

15. When she was like, "These are my friends Stella and Liv. I know, it's a bit mad how I, the dowdy writer, can totally outshine a fashion designer and model-slash-actress. That's just my cross to bear."


18. When she was simultaneously pregnant with the next Great Transatlantic Novel and her firstborn and she was like, "Sorry, Jonathan Franzen who? Can he walk in these heels?"