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23 Classic British Dishes To Keep You Warm Through The Long, Dark Winter

The nation of comfort foods. Whoever said Britain doesn't have good cuisine has obviously never read this list.

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1. Melt-in-your-mouth homemade scones.

Turn any hour into high tea with these perfectly fluffy, perfectly dense, fresh-out-the-oven scones. (Life tip: It's pronounced "skons". Wild, I know, but trust me.) Recipe here.


2. Adorable, Christmas-ready mincemeat pies.

Miraculously, mincemeat (or mince) pies contain no meat -- just delicious bits of fruit and a lot of holiday spirit. Impress your English friends with these little treats. Recipe here.

3. Bizarre and mouthwatering Eccles cakes.

Ohhh, man. Eccles cakes are unlike anything you've had before, and you've got to have them. Some Brits will swear by lard, but we think you can get away with butter. Recipe here.

6. Scrumptious toad in the hole.

Sausage, breading, and gravy -- could there be a more British dish than Toad in the Hole? We don't really know where the name comes from, but it's hard to ponder that with a hot bite in your mouth. Recipe here.


9. Flavorful steak and ale pie.

This steak and ale pie has a crispy, flaky exterior and a swoon-worthy filling of Guinness, meat, and cheese. It's basically the food equivalent of a cozy blanket and a roaring fireplace. Recipe here.

10. Freakishly good Eton mess.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 75166820@N00

Eton may be a mess, but Eton mess is anything but. Supremely easy -- there are four ingredients, and you've probably got them all in your fridge -- and always delicious, make this at your next dinner party and thank the British. Recipe here.


12. Hearty shepherd's pie.

That old stereotype that all British food is just meat and potatoes? Whatever, meat and potatoes are freaking delicious. This one-pot dish is surprisingly easy to whip together and it'll keep you warm on a chilly autumn night. Recipe here.

13. Dreamboat Yorkshire puddings.

Jaden Hair / Steamy Kitchen / Via

If you're hosting some Brits Stateside, whip out this recipe to ensure they don't get too homesick. Yorkshire pudding is the best carbohydrate to serve with your steak. Recipe here.

15. Betcha-can't-eat-just-one Welsh cakes.

This thick lil' cakes will win you over with one bite. Great with a cup of strong tea and some clotted cream, like basically everything else on this list. Recipe here.


17. Filling Lancashire Hotpot.

Get your potatoes to brown just like this and we'll call you Nigella. This filling, one-pot hot-pot can be ready in under two hours and will serve a hungry table of friends or family. Recipe here.

18. Side dish of champions rumbledethumps.

This adorably-named Scottish dish is one of the few instances on this list where we see vegetables as the primary ingredient. Don't worry, there's cheese and cream involved, too. Recipe here.


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