23 Classic British Dishes To Keep You Warm Through The Long, Dark Winter

    The nation of comfort foods. Whoever said Britain doesn't have good cuisine has obviously never read this list.

    1. Melt-in-your-mouth homemade scones.

    2. Adorable, Christmas-ready mincemeat pies.

    3. Bizarre and mouthwatering Eccles cakes.

    4. Savoury and fast kedgeree.

    5. Heart-stopping Scotch eggs.

    6. Scrumptious toad in the hole.

    7. Better-than-fondue Welsh rarebit.

    8. A proper Sunday roast.

    9. Flavorful steak and ale pie.

    10. Freakishly good Eton mess.

    11. Warming Welsh cawl.

    12. Hearty shepherd's pie.

    13. Dreamboat Yorkshire puddings.

    14. Too-good-to-be-true sausage rolls.

    15. Betcha-can't-eat-just-one Welsh cakes.

    16. Fresh, homemade clotted cream.

    17. Filling Lancashire Hotpot.

    18. Side dish of champions rumbledethumps.

    19. Buttery Cornish pasties.

    20. Mouthwatering Welsh meatballs.

    21. Buttery chicken tikka.

    22. Crispy, gooey jam roly-poly.

    23. Classic fish and chips.