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    17 DIY Stationery Projects That Will Make You Want To Write A Letter

    Because a letter in the mail beats a text message, every time.

    1. Arty splatter paint cards.

    Channel your inner Jackson Pollock with these arty cards. Your friends will think you spent $6 for these at a museum gift shop. Get the DIY instructions at Elizabeth Anne Designs.

    2. Crafty layered notecards.

    Want to say "hey" without using the Yo app? Try this simple yet fancy card made from scraps around your apartment. Get inspired at Whisker Graphics.

    3. Traveler's stationery set.

    For the letter writer with wanderlust, homemade envelopes and notecards made from vintage maps are the perfect incentive to get to the post office. Get the DIY instructions at Design Sponge.

    4. Adorable washi tape cards.

    Did you get this from Urban Outfitters? Nope, you made them yourself, from washi tape. And they look awesome. Get the DIY instructions at Omiyage.

    5. Geometric tape stencil stationery.

    These chic geometric cards are easy to make and easy on the eyes — perfect for those thank-you notes you've been meaning to write! Get the DIY instructions at Merry Brides.

    6. Heart-melting watercolor calligraphy cards.

    Aren't these gorgeous? Send a love letter to your S.O. today — there's no need to wait for Valentine's Day. Get the DIY instructions at Oh So Very Pretty.

    7. Delicate embroidered stationery.

    For the DIY expert: Try embroidering notecards. Your mom will appreciate the effort! DIY inspiration at Flax and Twine.

    8. Cheery gold dot envelopes.

    Surprise your childhood BFF with a note from afar — tiny gold dots on the inside and recycled paper on the outside! A great way to repurpose your Trader Joe's bags once the handles break. Get the DIY instructions at The Postman's Knock.

    9. Stunning watercolor notecards.

    This gorgeous watercolor cards are so easy and so beautiful, you'll be finding excuses to write to your college friends. Isn't this so much lovelier than a Facebook message? Get the DIY instructions at Big Bright Bold.

    10. Subtle dip-dyed notecards.

    These dip-dyed notecards are the loveliest reason to close Snapchat and start penning letters. And they take virtually no time to make! Get the DIY instructions at Poppy Talk.

    11. Cute tagged envelopes.

    These tagged envelopes add a first-class touch to your first-class mail. Perfect for gifts too! Get the DIY instructions at Oh Crafts.

    12. Formal monogrammed stationery.

    This stack of monogrammed stationery will keep your correspondence classy. Invite friends to your next dinner party via snail mail, not text message. Get the DIY instructions at Everyday Occasions.

    13. Homemade vintage wax seals.

    Take it back to the 18th century with these red wax seals, homemade from old buttons! Pro tip: Dripping wax is actually really fun. Get the DIY instructions at Off-Beat Bride.

    14. Shiny metallic foil cards.

    These metallic foil cards beat a birthday text message every time. Set an alert in your phone for a few days before your BFF's special day, and get these to the post office in time! Get the DIY instructions at How About Orange.

    15. Earthy leaf print notecards.

    These leaf print notecards are made from leaves you find in your backyard. Send an imprint of home to a faraway friend. Get inspired at Tridevici. The text is in Russian, but the images will show you what to do!

    16. Professional-looking embossed monograms.

    A stack of embossed notecards can run $30 at the store, but once you learn to emboss for yourself with this homemade kit, you'll be embossing everything for free. Get the DIY instructions at How To Craft.

    17. Pretty glittered wax seals.

    Sealing it with a kiss may be nice, but sealing it with super-easy glittery wax is even sweeter. Get the DIY instructions at The Postman's Knock.