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Women's Jobs On Halloween Vs. Women's Jobs In Real Life

That's totally what a firefighter wears to work! All of these costumes come from the first page of Google results. These are our options.

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1. Woman in the Armed Forces

Getty Images / Scott Olson

This is definitely what our soldiers wear. Don't believe me? Search Google.

2. Attorney

Getty Images / Pool

This is totally how lawyers go to trial, guys. Search Google.

3. Judge

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

When I was on jury duty this is def what my judge looked like. Search Google.

4. Academic

Creative Commons / Flickr: josstyk

Seven years of doctoral research totally pays off. Search Google.

5. Maid

Getty Images / Joe Raedle

This is how you clean a house!!! Search Google.

6. Police Officer

Getty Images / Mario Tama

Good, good, we've got our handcuffs. Yep, Google it.

7. Teacher

Getty Images / Jason Bahr

Seems like our education system is doing okay, guys! Search Google.

8. Fire Fighter

Getty Images / Philippe Huguen

Whoa. That looks like it could def put out, like, a whole microwave full of burning popcorn. Search Google.

9. SWAT Team Member

Getty Images / AFP

Practical footwear is a must for any high-octane career! Search Google.

10. Librarian

Getty Images / Thomas Lohnes

The glasses are to show how she is smart and knows where the books are. Search Google.

11. Surgeon / Getty Images / Marco Di Lauro

Seems super sterile. Search Google.

12. Scientist

Getty Images / Pedro Armeste

This is what I want to be wearing when I win my Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Google Search.

13. Nun

Getty Images / SAM PANTHAKY

God be with you. Google Search.

14. Secretary

Getty Images / Christopher Meder

Because every secretary has a belly-ring. Even this guy. Search Google.

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