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46 Realizations Every Boarding School Grad Has

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4. Because let's be real, your school was basically Hogwarts.

7. But you'll be sure to see them as often as possible.

Rocking your class rings.


8. You'll want to rep your school as often as you can.

No matter how battered your sports jacket gets.


14. And you'll probably never care as much about your college's football rivalry as you care about your high school's.


Even if any public school team could've kicked your team's ass.

15. Because boarding school rivalries run deep.

But are always meant in the best spirit.

16. Lecture halls will make you realize the genius of the Harkness Table.


So THAT's why we sat at weird oblong tables all the time.


19. You'll miss the chapel bells.

20. Your university newspaper will probably pale in comparison to your school paper.


24. And you'll realize that your boarding school was pretty damn progressive.


28. You'll miss walking on familiar paths and knowing every person's name.

30. You'll miss all your favorite quiet spots, like the reading room...

31. ... or the open fields.

32. And you'll miss the tiny touches the dining staff added to make you feel special.

34. And you'll have to constantly gauge how weird you can be around your new friends.

Nickelodeon / Via

After four years of living with your best friends, your metric for "what's too weird" is way off.

40. You'll miss all your weird campus landmarks.

Oh, beloved penis statute!

41. You'll miss autumn on campus most of all.

When you'd peek out your dorm room one morning and find all the trees bursting with color. (Sure, autumn still exists, but it'll never quite be the same.)

42. But, alright, you'll probably miss boarding school winters too.

Even if you never got a single snow day.

43. Unless you went to boarding school on the West Coast, in which case you'll miss views like this.

45. No matter how far you roam, there's always a part of your heart that will stay on your boarding school's campus.


46. Because the main thing you realize when you graduate from boarding school is how much it felt like home.


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