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    45 Realizations Every Boarding School Grad Has

    Vivaaaaat Academiaaaaaa.

    1. When your new friends find out you went to boarding school, they'll probably ask if your parents hate you.

    2. ... or if you're filthy rich.

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    3. People will definitely ask if your school was just like Hogwarts.

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    And, well... it's not like you can lie.

    4. After boarding school, suddenly no one knows who you are.

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    After four years on a campus where everyone knew everyone's business, this can come as a shock.

    5. All your high school friends are now scattered around the world.

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    Is it time for our five-year reunion yet?

    6. But you'll be sure to see them as often as possible.

    7. You'll want to rep your school as often as you can.

    8. You'll find that at college, people will take the Honor Code way less seriously.

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    What do you mean, cheating's not so bad?

    9. And you'll realize your high school motto really got to you.

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    Non Sibi and Deserve Your Heritage and all that.

    10. The library will no longer be your main place to hang out.

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    Now it's strictly business.

    11. And you'll actually miss the creative locations of your boarding school hookups.

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    Whatever happened to romance?! Whatever happened to making out in the school graveyard?!

    12. When you come home for the night, there won't be warm cookies left out for you from your dorm faculty.

    You will compensate with Oreos.

    13. And you'll probably never care as much about your college's football rivalry as you care about your high school's.


    Even if any public school team could've kicked your team's ass.

    14. Because boarding school rivalries run deep.

    15. Lecture halls will make you realize the genius of the Harkness Table.


    So THAT's why we sat at weird oblong tables all the time.

    16. And every once in a while, you'll sort of miss having quiet hours and lights out.


    17. You'll miss the infirmary nurses.

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    Even if it seemed like they only ever gave you Saltines and ibuprofen.

    18. You'll miss the chapel bells.

    19. Your university newspaper will probably pale in comparison to your school paper.

    20. And suddenly, debate won't be the hottest extracurricular.

    21. You'll become the go-to person for teaching others how to do laundry.

    Seriously, how have they not learned by now?

    22. You'll realize the blessing of knowing how to flirt sober.

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    After building relationships on an officially dry campus for four years, you'll wish others had that gift too.

    23. And you'll realize that your boarding school was pretty damn progressive.


    24. New friends will get really confused about the weird words you use for everything.

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    It's not that confusing. Junior means freshman, upper means junior...

    25. You don't even know who you're allowed to cuddle.

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    At boarding school, same-sex cuddling was usually a given, regardless of your sexuality.

    26. You will miss your English teachers like crazy.

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    Really, you'll miss them all.

    27. You'll miss walking on familiar paths and knowing every person's name.

    28. You'll miss those classy sit-down dinners each week.

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    29. You'll miss all your favorite quiet spots, like the reading room...

    30. ... or the open fields.

    31. And you'll miss the tiny touches the dining staff added to make you feel special.

    32. You'll miss your roommate like a missing limb.


    Bedtime is... so... lonely...

    33. And you'll have to constantly gauge how weird you can be around your new friends.

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    After four years of living with your best friends, your metric for "what's too weird" is way off.

    34. But you'll be grateful not to have to check out every time you leave campus.

    No sign-out, no sign-in, baby.

    35. You'll be grateful not to have Saturday classes.

    Never again.

    36. You'll probably be way more comfortable with nudity than your new peers.

    You've shared a bathroom with 15 people for four years. It's all good.

    37. You know exactly how to crank out a quality paper.

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    With no parents around, you learned to motivate yourself. With a little help from Monster and late-night chicken fingers.

    38. And public speaking will be an absolute breeze.

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    Please. I cut "like" out of my vocabulary in tenth grade.

    39. You'll miss all your weird campus landmarks.

    40. You'll miss autumn on campus most of all.

    41. But, alright, you'll probably miss boarding school winters too.

    42. Unless you went to boarding school on the West Coast, in which case you'll miss views like this.

    43. You'll be grateful for the confidence, independence, and education your boarding school gave you.

    And you'll realize how rare that kind of education is.

    44. No matter how far you roam, there's always a part of your heart that will stay on your boarding school's campus.


    45. Because the main thing you realize when you graduate from boarding school is how much it felt like home.