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19 Words That Mean Something Totally Different In Silicon Valley

Let's go ideate at Coupa.

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1. "Hacking"

Relativity Media

What it means elsewhere: Breaking into someone else's computer, usually illegally. Something bad that happened to Jennifer Lawrence.

What it means in SV: An invaluable talent that will net you six figures.


5. "Disrupt"


What it means elsewhere: To interrupt, likely in a rude manner.

What it means in SV: To destroy all the competition around your start-up so that your company remains as the sole beacon of hope in a world surrounded by digital rubble.


10. "Innovation"

What it means elsewhere: Something totally new and useful, like man-made fire or indoor plumbing.

What it means in SV: An app that lets you send unsolicited nude pics to that girl from your econ lecture.

11. "Incubator"


What it means elsewhere: A place where you put premature babies.

What it means in SV: A bungalow where grown-ups and teenagers gather to drink beer, play Settlers of Catan, and come up with ideas.


18. "Transparency"

New Line Cinema

What it means elsewhere: The ability to see through something, like a piece of cellophane or a glass ceiling.

What it means in SV: You thought there were secrets on the Internet? Haha.