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33 Breathtaking Photos That Prove The Philippines Is Paradise

Ah, maganda.

1. The surreal shores of Batangas.

2. The lush flora of Cebu.

3. The pristine white beaches of Boracay.

4. The mesmerizing rice paddies of Banaue.

5. The hypnotic blue coast at El Nido.

6. The endless forests of Puerto Galera.

7. Tumalog, which looks like a dream sequence in a Christopher Nolan film.

8. The awesome Busay Mountains.

9. The serene beauty of the Cagayan Valley at dawn.

10. The endless hilltops of Pulag.

11. The delicate beauty of these flowers near the Chocolate Hills.

12. This magical cove at Palawan.

13. The beautiful blues of Sagada at dusk.

14. These whimsical rapids at Cotabato.

15. The majesty of Metro Manila and Makati at sunset.

16. The rice paddies at Ifugao, which rival any painting.

17. This escape from reality at Badian.

18. The temporary stillness of the powerful Mayon Volcano.

19. The unparalleled reefs at Padre Burgos.

20. The peaceful drop of the Kawasan Falls.

21. The bizarre beauty of the Chocolate Hills.

22. The picturesque crater of Taal Volcano.

23. This tiny island near Aklan.

24. The deep green waters of the Loboc River.

25. This glorious rainbow over the Philippine Sea.

26. This unreal waterfall at Ambon Ambon.

27. The impossibly clear waters and white sands at Malay.

28. Mt. Pinatubo's Dr. Seuss-like facade.

29. The bright tropical blue of the waters at Oslob.

30. This balloon festival at Pampanga which looks like a Disney movie.

31. The dazzling Milky Way overhead at El Nido.

32. The windy glory of Visayas.

33. This gorgeous reef off of Mactan Island.

The Philippines is truly paradise.