17 Invaluable Lessons Mr. Keating Taught Us In "Dead Poets Society"

    O Captain, My Captain.

    1. On finding your voice:

    2. On the importance of YOLO:

    3. On what keeps us alive:

    4. ... and on what we live for:

    5. On flirtation:

    6. On the purpose of poetry:

    7. On vocabulary:

    8. On perspective:

    9. On the value of the humanities:

    10. On thinking for yourself:

    11. On standing by your beliefs:

    12. On determination:

    13. On wisdom:

    14. On individuality:

    15. On the truth about freedom:

    16. On the meaning of life:

    17. On what we must do:

    Thank you, Mr. Keating.