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    21 Amazing Role Models For Ambitious Twentysomethings

    In case you need some inspiration for the next #WCW.

    1. For the budding politico: Audrey Gelman

    2. For the aspiring social entrepreneur: Khalida Brohi

    3. For the future PR star: Bianca Caampued & Mallory Blair

    4. For the determined activist: Ai-Jen Poo

    5. For the aspiring journo: Jenna Wortham

    6. For the passionate pre-med: Christina Agapakis

    7. For the enterprising writer: Britt Julious

    8. For the bold performance artist: Hari Nef

    9. For the aspiring nonprofit president: Yael Cohen Braun

    10. For the wit with a vision: Lauren Leto

    11. For the feminist go-getter: Ann Friedman

    12. For the future community organizer: Maritza Alarcon

    13. For the dedicated artist: Molly Crabapple

    14. For the energized environmentalist: Danielle Fong

    15. For the budding humorist: Mallory Ortberg

    16. For the aspiring entrepreneur: Svetha Janumpalli

    17. For the future war reporter: Julia MacFarlane

    18. For the rising novelist: Catherine Lacey

    19. For the beauty mogul: Emily Weiss

    20. For the aspiring educational reformer: Zakiya Smith

    21. For the future CEO: Sophia Amoruso